10 New Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

As any event designer will tell you, wedding centerpieces all start to look the same after a while. After all, there are only so many ways you can arrange flowers and candles on a table. However, when new props or elements are added to the mix, the result is a beautiful and creative presentation that is well worth the extra effort.

Give your purple centerpieces the royal treatment with a rustic gold crown.


Photo: Luna Photography

Stuff a fabric box with fresh rosebuds for a whimsical touch.


Photo: Colin Cowie Weddings

Add a fresh twist to the typical fruit centerpiece by cutting a few in half.


Photo: Green Blossom Photography via Burnett’s Boards

For a ranch or farmers’ market wedding, opt for centerpiece boxes filled with fresh vegetables.


Photo: Stagetecture

Place flowers in mirror boxes for a sleek and sophisticated look.


Photo: HGTV

Create the illusion of floating flowers by placing individual buds in test tubes and hanging them from the ceiling.


PhotoColin Cowie Weddings

Repurpose your favorite perfume or cologne bottles as elegant glass centerpieces, demonstrated below by Rachel A. Clingen.


Mindy Weiss used manzanita branches, moss, and blush and cream roses to create these exquisite tree-like centerpieces.

These vintage umbrella centerpieces, also appropriate for a bridal shower, draw the eyes upward.


PhotoJunebug Weddings

Combine raw cotton and gilded asparagus leaves for a winter-themed centerpiece.


Photo: Marianna Jamadi

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