10 of Our Favorite Winter-White Bouquets

Florida might not be covered in the fluffy white stuff (unless, of course, sand counts), but December still conjures visions of all things crisp and white, whether it’s a blanket of snow on the ground or, for us, pristine white wedding bouquets.

10 of Our Favorite Winter-White Bouquets | Weddings Illustrated

Images via Justin DeMutiis Photography (left) and Mi Amore Foto

Feeling inspired by Old Man Winter, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite white wedding bouquets (most were created by floral artists here in Florida; others were dreamed up out of state). Some, with their bulbous blooms, remind us of fat, round snowballs, while others, with their spiky sprigs and crawling vines, are subtly reminiscent of ice on a frosty windowpane. One thing they all have in common is their elegant, undeniable beauty.

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