Stylish Ideas for Groomsmen

Weddings often highlight the bride’s style and what she’s wearing on her big day. It’s no wonder that after a while, grooms start to look alike in their black suits, ties and shoes.

With the increase in personalized celebrations, however, many grooms and their groomsmen have been breaking the mold. Their outfits, previously overlooked, have become an integral part of the overall wedding look.

Get inspired by these 10 stylish groomsmen ideas, from alternative boutonnieres to skinny suspenders.

Alternative Boutonnieres

10 Stylish Ideas for Groomsmen: alternative boutonnieres

Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings

Floral boutonnieres still reign supreme, but we have seen an increase in alternative styles. This particular groom wore an antique locket in memory of loved ones who passed on. Other alternative styles include feathers, action figures, special trinkets, buttons and pins.

Beyond the Tuxedo


10 Stylish Ideas for Groomsmen: beyond the tux - linen, seersucker and velvet | Photo: David Newkirk

Photo: David Newkirk

While there’s nothing quite like a man in a tux, we have to admit the look doesn’t necessarily fit every type of wedding. Grooms are breaking tradition by wearing linen for beach celebrations, seersucker for preppy affairs and velvet smoking jackets for more elegant soirees.

Flying Colors


10 Stylish Ideas for Groomsmen: bright colors | Photo: KT Merry

Nothing says Florida more than a groom sporting bright colors. This fun ensemble, shot by KT Merry, was inspired by Palm Beach sophistication.

Accessorize, Accessorize

10 Stylish Ideas for Groomsmen: accessorize with suspenders, ties, ascots, argyle socks, colorful shoes, scarves, hats, etc. | Photo Jennifer Sosa

Photo: Jennifer Sosa

These dapper groomsmen wore skinny suspenders accessorized with retro button pins. Other groomsmen accessory ideas include ties (bow, skinny or regular), ascots, argyle socks, colorful shoes, scarves and hats.

Mismatched Groomsmen

10 Stylish Ideas for Groomsmen: mismatched groomsmen

Photo: Southbound Bride

Why should bridesmaids get to have all the fun Groomsmen are taking a cue from their counterparts and mixing and matching. The result is a casual and stylish look, easily created by using items already in their closets.


10 Stylish Ideas for Groomsmen: vest or waistcoast

Photo: WordPress

Vests or waistcoats are universally flattering because of their slimming effect. As an added bonus, the groom will still look dapper if and when he removes his jacket. Many Florida grooms opt to wear the vest alone with rolled up sleeves for a laid-back vibe.

Leave Mark

10 Stylish Ideas for Groomsmen: sew a message onto his collar | Photo: Bamber Photography

Photo: Bamber Photography

What better way to surprise the groom than with a message on his shirt, suit or tie Not only is it a sweet personal touch, it’s a guarantee he will never forget your anniversary date.

Prints Charming

10 Stylish Ideas for Groomsmen: mixing and matching prints | Photo: Feather and Stone

Photo: Feather and Stone

Prints are everywhere, and grooms mixing and matching to perfection. This playful combination of gingham and polka dots gives the groom a trendy flair.

Signature Style

10 Stylish Ideas for Groomsmen: let him rep his signature style | Photo: Jill Thomas Photography

Photo: Jill Thomas Photography

Think about what your groom’s signature look is, and allow him to be himself. Whether he has an affinity for funky ties, vintage-style fedoras or bright Converse shoes, he should be able to wear what looks and feels best to him.

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