15 Groom’s Cakes

Harking back to England’’s illustrious Victorian era (1837-1901), the groom’s cake has led a long, and tasteful, life. Originally a fruitcake like its wedding cake counterpart, these sugary confections now range in flavors and reflect the groom’s interests and personal passions.

Some brides serve it up alongside the wedding cake to give special recognition to their husbands-to-be while others go the traditional route: boxing up slices of sweetness and sending them off with their single female guests. Trivia: Legend has it that if an unmarried woman slept with a slice of groom’s cake under her pillow, she would dream of her future husband.

Here, 15 of the yummiest, plate-scraping groom’s cakes your guy will love—almost as much as you.

Kiss The Frog

Grooms Cakes

Sitting on an oversized lily pad and bedecked with nymphaea florals, this metallic-y Frog Prince Fantasy creation from Sugar Couture sends a clear message: no more frogs to kiss.

Canadian Pride

Grooms Cakes

Photo: Meg Matyia

Honoring the groom’s Canadian roots, this two-tone fondant cake proudly reflects his country’s national red and white colors. Cool, eh?

Caught By Love

Grooms Cakes

It’s hard to say who’s really hooking who here but this Hooked on Love cake topper adds a sweet touch to any single or multi-tier groom’s cake.

Batter Up

Groomsmen Cakes

We think it’s “safe” to say Boys of Summer fans will cheer Delicia Designs cake on for its vintage Major League motifs, including a home plate, stitched leather glove, pitcher’s mount and is topped with a signed baseball.

Sweet Meat

Grooms Cakes

Is your guy the master of his grill? This juivy sirloin from Debbie Does Cakes is sure to trick his eyes but not his tastebuds.

Tee Up

Grooms Cakes

Photo: Brooke Roberts Photography

We can’t help ourselves. This chocolatey “ode-to-the-golfer” cake is a real hole-in-one.

Sweet Ride

Grooms Cakes

Photo: Christina Carroll Photography

Your guy always had a crush on cars—lucky for him you’re not the jealous type! Ask your bakery to create a replica of his dream ride or your “Just Married” getaway wheels.

Sea of Love

Grooms Cakes

This Cat Ruehle cake is perfect for the couple who is about to depart on the adventure of a lifetime.


Chalk It Up

Grooms Cakes

Photo: Karen McNeil Photography

This cake combines two of our favorite wedding trends—rustic touches and edible chalk— and it’s perfect for those high school or college sweethearts.

In the Spirit

Grooms Cakes

Photo: A Cake Dream

Whether it’s golfing, fishing or scotch tasting, a cake that represents his favorite hobby makes a thoughtful conversation piece.

Go Naked

Grooms Cakes

Photo: Meredith Carlson Photography

Complement your un-iced wedding cake with this rustic-inspired groom’s cake. Adorn it with flowers, fresh fruit, a custom cake topper or leave it completely naked.

Movie Man

Grooms Cakes

Is there a fictitious character he looks up to or a movie he can quote every line? Design a cake, like this one by Mike McCarey, that brings his favorite film to life.

“M” is for Mustache

Grooms Cakes

Photo: Studio 1079

Salute your favorite facial hair-loving man with a special treat he can truly appreciate—a mustache cake!


Grooms Cakes

Millennials, social media lovers and smart phone users are sure to “Like” Sweet & Swanky Cakes’ whimsical creation. Personalize it with a special text message or edible logos of his favorite apps.

Diamond Boy

Grooms Cakes

Who says diamonds are only a girl’s best friend? This topsy-turvy sparkle cake and Chicago Factory’s glittery LOVE cake topper is made for the glamorous groom who likes—no, loves—a little flash.

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