15 Groomsmen Gifts

Skip the cigars and surprise your wedding party with 15 one-of-a-kind gifts culled for 5 popular personality types.

The Athlete

Health nuts will love these one-of-a-kind kicks. Made from carbon rubber, Reebok’s ATV 19+ are inspired by ATV tires and can traverse practically any terrain they encouter: from grass and sand to snow and mud. 

Reebok ATV 19+ Running Shoes ($59 at Reebok)

You may not know who Lord Stanley of Preston is but your hockey–loving pals will. Here is a kitchen aid they’re sure to laud long after the NHL playoffs are over. 

15 Groomsmen Gifts: Stanley Cup Air-Pop Popcorn Maker

Stanley Cup Air-Pop Popcorn Maker ($69.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond)

This one’s for the golf nut. Clip this swing analyzer to any golf club and get recorded data of your swing path, speed and acceleration and a 360-degree view of your golf swing that can be viewed on a mobile device in real-time or watched later.  

15 Groomsmen Gifts: Swingbyte 2

Swingbyte 2 Mobile Golf Swing Analyzer ($169 at Swingbyte)

The Bon Vivant

This coastal-cruising jacuzzi has “Jay Gatsby” written all over it. If he isn’t already, your friend is about to become the talk of the party—and the lake. 

15 Groomsmen Gifts: The Hot Tub Boat

The Hot Tub Boat ($44,000 at Hammacher Schlemmer)

With its easy-to-use, nitrogen-based technology, put your buddy’s canned brew drinking days behind him. 

15 Groomsmen Gifts: NitroBrew

NitroBrew ($500 at Grand St.)

These handsome velvet slippers are perfect for the mister who likes to keep things well-stirred or stirred up.

15 Groomsmen Gifts: Martini slippers by Stubbs & Wootten

Martini Slippers ($450 at Stubbs & Wootten)

The Ladies Man

Crafted by famed interior designer Kelly Wearstler, these sexy bronzed gamines are the perfect conversation piece and may be positioned in a variety of whimsical ways.

15 Groomsmen Gifts: Kelly Wearstler's Classic Legs

Classic Legs ($1,495 at Kelly Wearstler)

These silk “suitjamas” are ready for anything (except for the office!), and there’s even emergency protection tucked inside the jacket’s breast pocket.

15 Groomsmen Gifts:

How I Met Your Mother Suitjamas (starts at $153.39 on Amazon)

A perfect evening, the Italians say, doesn’t end with dessert but with a cup of morning espresso. The Breville Barista Express Espresso Maker boasts a sublime design and coffee to match. 

15 Groomsmen Gifts: Breville Barista Express Espresso Maker

Breville Barista Express Espresso Maker ($599 at Sur La Table)

The World Traveler

Give him the perfect excuse to pen “Wish you were here!” postcards from exotic faraway places.

15 Groomsmen Gifts: Montblanc Fountain Pen

Montblanc Meisterstück 149 Fountain Pen ($935 at Macy’s)

Swim. Sunbathe. Sip. Repeat. Snag this famous snap of an umbrella-bedecked beach in sunny Capri.

15 Groomsmen Gift:

“Champagne in Capri” (starts at $299 at Gray Malin)

Give him the world vis a vis this stunning set of travel books by Luxe City Guides. Crammed full of interesting destination details including where to stay, eat, shop and what to do when the sun goes down.

15 Groomsmen Gifts: LUXE European Grand Tour Travel Guide Box

LUXE European Grand Tour Travel Guide Box ($75 at Shop Latitude)

The Techie

Channel his inner Herb Ritts with a digital camera lens that attaches easily to any iPhone or Android and produces perfect pics.

15 Groomsmen Gifts: Sony DSC-QX10 18.2-Megapixel Lens

Sony DSC-QX10 18.2-Megapixel Lens ($168 at B&H Photo)


These sleek aerodynamic sunglasses feature distortion-free optics—so run, surf or climb mountains in them to your heart’s content—and come equipped with enough memory to house an entire classic rock collection. Tony Stark, eat your heart out.

15 Groomsmen Gifts: USB MP3 Sunglasses

USB MP3 Sunglasses ($49.98 at Klear Gear)

Ideal for the brainy fitness buff, Fitbit’s Surge is a fitness tracker and “smart” watch in one that features a GPS, heart rate monitor and Bluetooth LE-based call and text notifications.

15 Groomsmen Gifts: Fitbit Surge

Surge by Fitbit ($249.95 at Fitbit)

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