15 Unique Aisle Runners for Your Special Day

The tradition of the aisle runner dates back to when roads were unpaved. At the time, aisle runners were used during weddings to protect the bride’s gown from dirt. Today, the aisle runner is used primarily for decor purposes. Many couples opt for a simple monogrammed version, while others look for a more unique take.

Whether you’re getting married in a church or on the beach, a creative aisle runner can add to the overall magic of your big day. Check out our ideas below, and keep in mind the length of your dress and style of your shoes (you don’t want to trip, after all!).

Book Pages


Photo: Pinterest

Take a page from your favorite fairy tale – literally. If you’re a bookworm (and have extra copies of your favorite books to spare), this aisle runner may be the perfect pick for you. Whether from a favorite novel or meaningful story, book pages will add an element of surprise to your ceremony.



Photo: Indulgy

If you’re going for the rustic, farmhouse, DIY look (very popular right now!) for your special day, this barn wedding featured a plain burlap aisle runner prettied up with groups of candles and a lining of white flower petals.

Dyed Sawdust


Photo: John Newsome

Who knew sawdust could look this good? If you’re set on rockin’ some cute cowgirl boots for a country wedding or going barefoot on the sand for a beach wedding, try making an interesting pattern of dyed sawdust for a unique aisle runner.

Flower Petals


Photo: Pinterest

Arguably one of the most popular types of aisle runners currently on the market, flower petals are perfect for creating a romantic ambiance, and can be creatively arranged in many different ways to reflect the bride’s tastes. Popular formations include swirls and ombre.



Photo: Max Wanger

Got an eye for glitter? If you’re looking for an easy added sparkle, look no further than a glitter aisle runner (bright colors show up great against dark backgrounds!).



Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings

If you’re one of those lucky few gifted with artistic talent, try making your own hand-painted aisle runner (and if you’re “creatively challenged,” try using a simple stencil to paint a pattern onto a fabric runner).



Photo: This Modern Romance

Another take on the hand-painted runner is this handwritten one (perfect for writers!). Ideas can include your vows, a love letter, a poem, a book excerpt, and more.



Photo: Newly Wife

Give nighttime ceremonies a warm glow with a custom lit aisle runner, perfect for creating a soft ambiance.



Photo: Pinterest

Want to go traditional? You can’t beat a simple monogrammed aisle runner with your names, date of your wedding, and perhaps a quote or two. Other options include Bible verses, simple images, and more.



Photo: Wedding by Color

Having an indoor ceremony? Bring a piece of the outdoors in with a deep green moss aisle runner that will complement your colors perfectly.



Photo: Ever Whim Photographs

Patch together pieces of fabric to form a colorful and eye-catching aisle runner. The fabric can coordinate with your wedding colors or come from important items in your lives.



Photo: Wedding Bells

Simple yet creative, meet your prints charming at the end of this black and white chevron aisle runner.



Photo: Wedding Bells

Forgo the slideshow of photos and take a walk down memory lane on a custom aisle runner full of photos and quotes from some of your most memorable days together (so far).

Rug or Carpet


Photo: Pinterest

For a boho, Moroccan or homemade vibe, opt for an aisle runner composed of intricate rugs and carpets. Easy to walk on while still lending a colorful splash to your proceedings, your heels will thank you.



Photo: Aaron Young Photography

Getting married on the beach and still want to wear heels? Create your own boardwalk with planks of distressed wood. Your heels (and your bridesmaids) will thank you.

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