16 Table Number Ideas

Every little detail counts when it comes to the big day, and table numbers are yet another way to personalize your wedding reception.

Whether you’re coordinating with a theme or dreaming up some DIY magic, your table numbers should reflect who you are as a couple.

Bring something new to the table with one of these ideas, including song titles and seed packets.

Childhood Photographs

Photo: Pinterest

Take a trip down memory lane with table numbers and photographs that correspond to a certain age or year.


16 Table Number Ideas: balloons | Photo: Avery House

Photo: Avery House

Festive and elegant, these gold balloon table numbers complement the reception’s gold details.


16 Table Number Ideas: books

Photo: Pinterest

These DIY book table numbers were carefully cut and flipped upward to create a unique display.


16 Table Number Ideas: buoys | Photo: Captured Photography by Jenny

Photo: Captured Photography by Jenny

For their nautical celebration, this couple purchased colorful buoys from Etsy and used them as table numbers.


16 Table Number Ideas: clocks | Photo: The Nichols

Photo: The Nichols

Let your guests know it’s time to celebrate with vintage clock table numbers.


16 Table Number Ideas: fruit (apples, oranges, lemons, limes, pears, peaches) | Photo: Jeremy Harwell

Photo: Jeremy Harwell

For a refreshing take on table numbers, opt for fruit such as apples, oranges, lemons/limes, pears and peaches.


16 Table Number Ideas: hanging flower box | Photo: Rustic White Photography via Every Last Detail

Photo: Rustic White Photography via Every Last Detail

If your reception is outside, consider hanging table numbers such as this flower box.


16 Table Number Ideas: attach a special meaning to each number | Photo: Justin DeMutiis Photography

Photo: Justin DeMutiis Photography

This couple matched each table number to a special meaning. Here, table one refers to the number of seconds it took bride to say yes to the groom’s proposal.


16 Table Number Ideas: records

Photo: Katie Stoops Photography

These records were converted to table numbers, but music lovers can also choose their favorite records and/or songs to use in place of numbers.


16 Table Number Ideas: scrabble | Photo: Scott Stater Photography

Photo: Scott Stater Photography

Scrabble details are cropping up everywhere, and these table numbers would fit any couple with an affinity for word games.

Seed Packets

Ruffled - photo by http://blog.brookelynphotography.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/brookelyn-grange-wedding/

Photo: Brookelyn Photography

For a garden wedding, let love grow with seed packet table numbers.

Song Titles

Screenshot 2015-09-15 13.03.45

Photo: Studio Sixty Photography

Assign a song to each table. When the DJ plays a specific song, everyone sitting at that song’s table has to get up and dance.


16 Table Number Ideas: napkins | Photo: Twig and Thistle

Photo: Twig and Thistle

These DIY napkins also function as creative and modern table numbers.

Table Runner

16 Table Number Ideas: table runner

Photo: Pinterest

Similar to the napkins above, this rustic table runner serves two purposes.

Tree Slices

16 Table Number Ideas: tree slices | Photo: Captured Photography by Jenny

Photo: Captured Photography by Jenny

These hand-engraved and burned tree slice table numbers by Roxy Heart Vintage are great for any rustic, country or natural wedding.

Vintage Postcards

16 Table Number Ideas: vintage postcard | Photo: Caroline & Evan Photography

Photo: Caroline & Evan Photography

If you love to travel, display vintage postcards from places you’ve visited as a couple.

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