16 Ways to Ask your Bridesmaids

He asked you to marry him, and now you’ve got your own proposal: Will you be my bridesmaid? Here are 16 creative ways to pop the question.


Your bridal party can see their bridesmaid future after opening this keepsake felt fortune cookie from Petite25.

Brass locket necklace by kathylorockskeepsake

This brass locket necklace by kathylorockskeepsake contains a secret message on accordian-folded Italian paper.

Will you be my bridesmaid secret garland message in a box by Petite25

When your bridesmaid-to-be opens this box, also by Petite25, she’ll discover a garland with a handwritten question.

Spell it out on a vintage fabric hanky by FlorabelleKeepsakes. As a bonus, she’ll be able to use it on your wedding day in case of tears.

Be My Bridesmaids box by Littlegrayshop

This box, by Littlegrayshop, can be turned into an adorable gift filled with meaningful friendship momentos like photos and a personal letter.

Will you be my bridesmaid? | Photo: Amanda Pair Photography

Photo: Amanda Pair Photography

Get personal and capture your question in a photo fun series.


Gift a bottle of wine with this personalized label from StudioBLabels.

Or, pour her a glass of Champagne with a custom wine-glass tag by TumbleRoot.


I mustache you, be my bridesmaid custom koozie by TheMonogramLine

For the beer or soda drinker, hand her a can with a cute koozie from TheMonogramLine.

Be my Bridesmaid mason jar by decadentdesigns

Any southern gal will appreciate a personalized mason jar by decadentdesigns, which is also perfect for a rustic wedding.

Gold foil stamp will you be my bridesmaid card by charmandfig

Go more traditional with a pretty invitation, like this gold foil stamp card by charmandfig.

Will you be my bridesmaid cards by firstsnowfall

These cute bridesmaid cards by The First Snow are perfect for the occasion.

Will you be my bridesmaid card from ByAliceBoutique

Get straight to the point with this stationery from ByAliceBoutique.

Be My Bridesmaid gourmet cookie from Navy & Lavender

Give your bridesmaids a sweet treat with this cookie from Navy & Lavender.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid hanger by SnootyBride

She’ll need to hang her dress anyway, so why not give her a bridesmaid hanger by SnootyBride?

Will You Be My Bridesmaid frame by PrinceWhitaker

Place a photo of the two of you in one of these sweet handmade wood frames by PrinceWhitaker.

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