2015: The Next Big Wedding Trend

  These industry experts may not possess a crystal ball—nor do they need one!—but they do play an important role in the ever-evolving world of weddings.

   From eye-catching metallics and conflict-free diamonds to tasteful, carbon-reducing cuisine, our panel of event planners, caterers, beauty gurus and fashion and lifestyle experts weigh in on what they predict the next big wedding trend(s) will be.

   “First, social responsibility will be important. Whatever jeweler you pick, make sure they’re members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). This organization mandates diamond production around the world and verifies that diamonds are conflict-free. I’m proud to say that Hamilton was the country’s first independent retailer to gain this accreditation.

   Secondly, there’s the whole aspect of trends versus a timeless style you will love forever. I think there’s one way that you can never go wrong: a beautiful platinum and diamond band. There are many alternative metals that are interesting, but for something that says enduring love, it’s definitely platinum.”

Donna Bouchard, Hamilton Jewelers

Susan Damon, Tux Shop at PGA Commons    “Men’s suits and tuxedos will be more hybrid, allowing grooms to wear them to any formal occasion, day or evening.

   Designers have eliminated the classic satin lapel and are crafting clothes that are more body-conscious. In addition to basic black, charcoal, slate gray and midnight blue will be go-to colors and cement will be the new white.”

Susan Damon, The Tux Shop at PGA Commons

Laura Helm, Ashton Events   “Brides are incredibly creative and they are embracing the opportunity to incorporate unique layers and luxurious textures. Whether it’s foliage-filled, floral arrangements, layered invitation suites or amazing, tactile linens, I love being able to work with dimension.

   It’s something that piques the guests’ interests and helps to tell a more personalized story for the couple.”   

Laura Helm, Ashton Events

   “One trend I see continuing is the use of metallic elements. Many of my brides are showcasing silver, gold and bronze in their bridesmaid dresses and the reception décor. They’re mixing all three rather than keeping to one color palette.

   This approach works well for a range of wedding themes, from traditional to rustic, and creates an elegant and glamorous backdrop at any special occasion.”

Lori L. Kelly, Lori Kelly Weddings and Events

Chris Marshall, Hampton Forks   “Creativity will be key. My clients enjoy a lot of diversity and we expect to see more tasting tables, inventive late-night comestibles and family-style service, rather than the standard plated lunch or dinner.

   Lowering the world’s carbon footprint is important and dishes that incorporate locally-sourced ingredients will remain popular.

   More menus will highlight inventive cuisine to reflect a couple’s history, culture and unique personalities.”

Chris Marshall, Hampton Forks

Stephanie Meiser, Along Came Stephanie   “We are going to see more mixed textures throughout the wedding. Linens will have added texture—sequins, lace overlays or ruffles to the floor.

   Gold, gold and more gold will keep things glittering next year. Instead of an accent color, the metallic will take center stage in the design process. 

   Personalizing different aspects of the decor to reflect the couple will take on even more importance. Whether a memento to signify their hometowns, hobbies or family heritage, it’s all part of sharing their story with their guests. 

    Who doesn’t love a cute four-legged family member joining in the celebration? Including a pet adds charm to the wedding day.”

Stephanie Meiser, Along Came Stephanie

Stephanie Prenatt, FH Weddings & Events   “In 2014, floral runners, rather than standard vases, were gracing tables with their lush greenery and colorful blooms.

  This verdant trend will continue so be ready to see more runner statements for centerpieces.”

Stephanie Prenatt, FH Weddings & Events

Edwin Rivera, Frank Cassi Salon   “If there is one word that epitomizes the direction hairstyles will take as we head into the new year, it’s long

   Boho waves made a big splash in 2014 and there’s no sign their popularity is ebbing.

   Low, messy ponytails and braided chignons will be trending, too, and edgier brides are spritzing on temporary metallics for a pretty pop of color.”

Edwin Rivera, Frank Cassi Salon

Michele Trzuskowski, T is for Table   “Gold is one of 2015’s biggest trends and we’ll see it everywhere, from flatware to home decor.  Couples love it because it’s so much warmer than silver.

   Blue is still big and this bold, sea-inspired hue will continue to wind its way into the contemporary home.

   Rustically refined dinnerware is another trend we’ll see on many tables in the coming months. Heavy, free form-shaped pieces, with a handmade feel, inspires a relaxed atmosphere that invites family and friends to linger longer.”

Michele Trzuskowski, T is for Table at PGA Commons

Brian Watson, Myrtie Blue   “The past couple of years have been about mixing blush and cream flowers with decorative details that favored soft, neutral tones.

   I think this trend will be freshened with bursts of coral and teal and complemented with bold and graphic shapes and romantic lines.”

Brian Watson, Myrtie Blue


Shannon Wilson, Table 6 Productions   “We’ll see a lot of things changing in the industry next year. I service the west coast of Florida and we have many brides who want coastal details.

   Before we used more ‘beachy’ elements, but now it’s more ‘coastal sophistication’. We will use lots of white coral, fans and light-colored driftwood—It’s a cleaner, more modern look. 

   Lighting is a necessary element in every wedding and I think pin spots will be more popular. You need ambiant lighting but these beamlights allow us to intensify lighting directly on the centerpiece. 

   As for favors, I feel that people are investing that part of their budget into welcome bags and sprucing them up a bit more.”

Shannon Wilson, Table 6 Productions

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