5 Fall Bridal Beauty Trends to Try

When it comes to style, most components of modern-day weddings are subject to what’s trending, from gowns (read: tea length) to venues (hello, vineyards and revamped barns!)—and makeup is no exception.

Heather Degele

Heather Degele (above, at left), regional manager for Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa and Boutique, which provides spa and salon services for weddings at South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island, has seen her fair share of bridal beauty trends, from metallic-blue shadows to fierce, untamed brows. And with another new season upon us, this year won’t be any different. Here, Degele shares five bridal beauty trends that we can expect to see floating down aisles everywhere this fall.


5 Fall Bridal Beauty Trends | Weddings Illustrated

Image via Linda Hallberg

“Smoky eyes are still the way to make a bridal statement, but this season, opt for the softer side of smoky,” Degele says. “Blending three to four different shadows will create a gorgeous, soft, caramel melt that is sure to be less harsh but still make a sultry presentation. Adding a soft metallic shimmer to the middle of the lid, or a bronze liner to a natural lid, will add a modern variation to the classy vintage look.”


5 Fall Bridal Beauty Trends | Weddings Illustrated

Images: Heart in a Cage / Byrdie / Kris

“Nudes, reds, and berries take over the fall lip palette,” says Degele. “A super-pretty, kissable pout that is not too pink and not too red will create that sought-after ‘just bitten’ look. Stay away from beiges or browns that make teeth appear yellow. Start your perfect pout with a foundation or concealer and then apply a fresh teaberry/rose lipstick. Pairing this with a natural face and soft, smoky eye will create that contemporary yet vintage look.”


5 Fall Bridal Beauty Trends | Weddings Illustrated

Images: Glamour / Vogue

Of cheeks, Degele says, “Blush is back! Cheekbones are still being highlighted for definition, but this season, soft peaches and warm pinks are being added to the contour palette to help produce a chiseled but bright and natural look.”


5 Fall Bridal Beauty Trends | Weddings Illustrated

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Degele’s take? “This season is all about flawless beauty,” she says. “Stick with dewy, radiant skin, sheeny lips, and doll-like lashes for a twist on a timeless look.”


5 Fall Bridal Beauty Trends | Weddings Illustrated

Image via Harper’s Bazaar

Big is in when it comes to brows, says Degele. “Bigger, better brows are a trend that has taken the cosmetics world by storm and is here to stay. This season, instead of the wild, untamed trend, brides will be going for a more chic and polished brow.”


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