7 Ways to Spice Up Your Signature Drinks

No event is complete without a cocktail or two – and what’s a wedding without a signature drink? Not only do signature drinks simplify the beverage selection process for your guests, but they’re also another way to define who you are as a couple – it’s all about customizing the drinks to fit you and your celebration. Grab a glass, sit back, and drink in these seven ways to make your signature cocktails special.

Brighten up the Bubbly

Photo: Creamy Life

Champagne is the most versatile signature drink, and there are many creative ways to serve it. Pour it over cotton candy or popsicles for a fun treat, or simply rim it with edible glitter.

Playful Presentation


Photo: Jose Villa

Mix things up by presenting your drinks in coconuts, Mason jars, miniature liquor bottles, or vintage cups. If you choose something quirky that reflects your personality, guests will remember it for years to come.

His & Hers

PhotoJeremy Harwell

Are your completely different tastes making it hard to decide what to serve? Offer more variety with his and hers signature cocktails, catered to what the bride and groom each prefer. Whatever the combination, two drinks are better than one!

‘Tis the Season


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For seasonally-minded celebrations, choose a drink that ties in with the time of year. Drinks like spiced eggnog are perfect for winter weddings and fresh mint mojitos are great for summer weddings.

Unexpected Ingredients


Photo: Boulder Locavore

Serving up margaritas? Add an unexpected ingredient such as jalapenos. Working with a mixologist will help you come up with a one-of-a-kind cocktail.

Great Garnish


PhotoWedding Wise

Finish off your cocktails with sweet garnishes like fruit, sprigs of lavender, or fun food touches such as rock candy. Other drinks will look adorable in combination with cookies or miniature appetizers.

Personalize It


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Lastly, make sure to personalize. Brand your drinks with a custom stirrer, crazy straws, quote flags, or printed napkins with your monogram, initials or names – not that anyone would forget that it’s your wedding, of course.

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