8 Bride Favorite Florals

Most brides have a favorite flower, and come their wedding day, they’ll want to showcase it. Still need some floral-spiration? We have you covered.

From big, splashy blooms to petite petals, these classic beauties grace bouquets time and again. Here, eight options that are blooming their way down an aisle near you.


Photo: Bright Bird Photography

   Prefer blossoms that make a unique statement? Anemones may be the answer. Carry them down the aisle or add them to your reception table. Virtually scentless, their aroma won’t compete with your cuisine. This London bride carries a bantam bouquet, tied simply with a blue-and-white striped ribbon.


Photo: Kate Webber

   Best identified by its bell shape, clematis has a trailing appearance that can help create glorious cascading bouquets and floral crowns. This Indian bride pairs ivory clematis with a pair of bulbous, sun-kissed peonies.


Photo via Cyclamen.com

   If you’re planning your “I dos” for late-fall or winter, look to frilly cyclamen, which thrives in cooler climes. Diminutive and delicate, they are best kept loose or they may lose their shape if paired with other blossoms.


Photo: Johnny Miller

   This sweet arrangement would stand out at a spring celebration. Majolica roses and ranunculus provide a creamy base for this bouquet, while phalaenopsis orchids and amaryllis add a peachy contrast.



   A celebration of feminine hues, this bouquet of coral charm peonies, king proteas, ranunculus, astilbe, and tulips was crafted by Arrangements Floral & Party Design. Florals were wrapped in silvery sequined trim, then finished with a skeleton leaf.


Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

   Known for its graceful, curving stem and delicate petals, ranunculus has been gaining steady favor with vintage-loving brides. This bouquet features open and closed pink ranunculus with poppies, corydalis, and sweet peas.


Photo: Sang An Photography

   Steeped in romantic symbolism, roses are the go-to blooms for many brides. Formed in the classic dome shape, three rose varieties—including garden cabbage roses, miniature spray roses, and hybrid roses—were placed in clusters to best display their styles and shades. Create a stem spiral for an extra touch of artistry.


Photo: Tricia Fountaine

   Thanks to their relaxed, rustic look, wildflowers and wild grasses are a good option for casual summer fêtes or backyard shindigs. Extra perk: their high affordability factor.

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