After the Wedding: Anniversary Gifts by Year

Gift registries make shopping for brides and grooms a practically fail-safe experience, but when it comes to anniversaries, there’s a little more guesswork involved.

Anniversary Gifts by Year | Weddings Illustrated

Image via Camille Styles

Whether you’re shopping for your own Mr. or Mrs. or helping a special couple celebrate another happy year together, take a cue from tradition and pick a gift that corresponds with its year’s designated material. Is going modern more your speed? Use the far-right column—an updated version of the classic list—as your guide.

Anniversary  //  Traditional Gift  //  Updated Gift

1st Anniversary Paper | Clocks

2nd Anniversary  Cotton | China

3rd Anniversary  Leather | Crystal/Glass

4th Anniversary  Fruit/Flowers| Appliances

5th Anniversary  Wood | Silverware

6th Anniversary  Iron | Wood

7th Anniversary  Copper | Desk Sets

8th Anniversary  Bronze | Linen/Lace

9th Anniversary  Pottery | Leather

10th Anniversary  Tin/Aluminum | Diamond Jewelry

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