BRIDAL BEAT: Q&A with the Tux Shop’s Susan Damon

Susan Damon of The Tux Shop

We caught up with Susan Damon (pictured above), a prominent mens’ clothing expert and owner of the Tux Shop at PGA Commons, to find out how grooms can look their best on their best day ever.

Weddings Illustrated: It’s one of the happiest days of his life. What are your fashion tips for our masculine “marrieds-to-be”

Susan Damon: A bride takes infinite care to pick a dress she loves and feels confident wearing. The same goes for the groom. A tailored tux, which is our specialty, will match his measurements perfectly and allow his personality to shine through.

We also educate our customers in the art of “tying the knot” so they won’t be fumbling with neck ware on their wedding day.

Want to brighten up a dark suit or a monochromatic ensemble Use your bow tie, socks or suspenders to tie in your wedding colors or a whimsical pattern.

A bold burst of color also makes a splashy statement in wedding photographs—and on the dance floor.

Ceci n'est pas tie by cyberoptix on etsy

Photo: Cyberoptix “Ceci n’est pas une cravate” necktie ($30)

Should a groom rent a tuxedo if he already owns one

Remember George Banks’ delighted reaction when he pulled out his long-retired tuxedo in the classic film, Father of the Bride, and it still fit (well, sort of) Damon says it’s an archetypal response. “Every man feels a sense of pride when he’s able to get into a suit he hasn’t worn in awhile.

A suit should fit snugly, like a glove. If it’s too tight or uncomfortable, Damon suggests having it altered or purchasing a new one.

Can groomsmen wear their own tuxedos to a wedding 

The groomsmen’s suits should be uniform. If they’re not, she advises against it. For an evening wedding, Damon’s go-to is definitive: a smart, black tuxedo. “It’s traditional and perennially sophisticated,” she says.

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What tuxedos are currently trending for weddings

Damon points out that when it comes to tuxedos, trends reflect fit. “We are seeing shorter coat lengths, slimmer silhouettes and trim pant widths with almost no break,” she says.

She also points out that more weddings are requiring black tie dress for their guests, which raises the bar for grandeur and elegance.

Susan Damon

Queen Tux: Susan Damon holding court at her Palm Beach Gardens store

Want a bespoke tuxedo for your wedding Click here to fill out the Tux Shop’s order and measurement form.

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