Creative Wedding Food Presentations

   From personalized toothpicks to roaming trays, these mouthwatering catering ideas will help you plan the perfect cocktail hour.

Photo: Peter Callahan

Display petit fours inside glass bell jars. Not only is it pretty, it’ll help ward off any bugs.

Photo: Fete NY

Save your servers the trouble of having to explain dishes by utilizing a chalkboard tray.

Photo: Pinterest

Royal Fig Catering created this cinnamon roll tree for a wedding brunch.

Photo: Peter Callahan

Spice up dessert and get the party started with sparklers.

Photo: Ken Kienow Photography

This wooden table cocktail hour display was inspired by farmers’ markets.

Photo: KingenSmith

Inserted forks make it easier for guests to grab, eat and discard.

Photo: Pinterest

Distressed furniture with shelves and cabinets are perfect for mini desserts.

Photo: Pinterest

For a whimsical touch, display hors d’oeuvres on hanging platforms.

Photo: Tumblr

Individual appetizer boxes are ideal for passing.


Photo: Peter Callahan

Complement mini burgers and french fries with a lucite tower.

Photo: Meg Hall

Small baskets of fries are a fun nod to the frying basket.

Photo: Apertura Photo

Food is art, so why not opt for a painting palette display?

Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings

Personalize your appetizer toothpicks with flowers or flags.

Photo: A Bryan Photo

Roaming food stations such as this cheese cart are a crowd favorite.

Photo: Peter Callahan

If carts aren’t your thing, roaming food trays are also a unique idea.

Photo: Pinterest

Serve salads or noodles in food cartons with chopsticks.

Photo: Luna Photo

A shadow box tray allows you to display flowers, photos or a special symbol or monogram.

Photo: Peter Callahan

These vegetarian spring rolls were placed in zucchini boats atop a bed of moss and flowers.

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