Designer to Know: Q&A With Olia Zavozina

Finding the perfect wedding gown can be exhausting, with every imaginable combination of skirt, neckline, and silhouette to choose from. So, luxury bridal designer Olia Zavozina is helping brides streamline the process with her custom designs,  giving brides the opportunity to create their dream gown—and the most flattering design—from the get-go. Olia, whose flagship boutique is in Nashville, Tennesse, also offers pre-designed dresses (we love the Natasha and Camille), which are available at One Fine Day Bridal Salon in Jacksonville and in the Nordstrom Wedding Suite of the store’s Coral Gables location. Keep reading to find out what inspires Olia, and what to keep in mind when picking out your gown.

Designer to Know: Q&A With Olia Zavozina | Weddings Illustrated

Image via Olia Zavozina

What’s special about having a custom gown for your wedding day?  
The special thing about having a custom gown is that the bride is able to choose exactly what pieces and parts she wants without having to settle. It’s easy to find a top you like, or a skirt you like, but what we can do for the bride is give her the entire look that she likes. That’s why customization is so important.
What should brides keep in mind when deciding on a silhouette? 
The number one thing I tell all my brides is to be open. On the size-zero, six-foot-tall model in the magazine picture, you might love that fitted dress, but when it comes to trying things on, you might be surprised and fall in love with something totally different. You never know until you put it on, so always be open to what your consultant suggests for you.
How about a neckline?
Keep in mind the option to remove things and add things. It’s sometimes hard for brides to choose what style neckline they like—strapless versus sleeves—but there are so many options with my designs to have both. Have a strapless gown and add an overlay that can be removed at your reception to still give you both looks!
What inspires your designs/collections?
I fell in love with Paris, so most of my inspiration and design comes from there. I love to think about my dresses as a little piece of Parisian love.
Many Florida brides get married on the beach in warm weather. Which materials work best for outdoor weddings on the shore? 
The best material for an outdoor wedding is always natural fibers, like silk, which is great for us since all of my designs are silk. Then it’s up the bride to choose what she likes best!
What do you love most about designing wedding dresses? 
I love every part. From choosing the fabric, to sketching, to then creating something from nothing. And then in the end, seeing a bride fall in love with my design. It’s a special thing, to design something that is so important to a person. It’s probably one of her most important purchases.
What wedding dress styles are you noticing less of lately, and what are some increasingly popular trends?
For me, brides are beginning to show off their shape more, which I love! When a bride feels confident in her skin—no matter what style, shape, or silhouette—and feels comfortable doing so, that’s beauty.
What’s your favorite month for a wedding?
It all depends on the area of the country, but my favorite is not too hot not too cold.
Colored wedding gowns: Love them or leave them? 
Describe your own dream wedding dress.
Honestly, I don’t have a dream dress. I love all my gowns and like designing multiple things, so if I have another gown in the future for a vow renewal, I would probably just have more than one! It would be way to hard to choose!

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