Earn an A-List Bod: Core Evolution is Coming to Boca Raton

Something New Blog: Core Evolution is Coming to Boca | Weddings Illustrated

When it comes to getting toned tushes and tummies and killer curves, celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian—even Michelle Obama—swear by Lagree Fitness, a full-body-conditioning training method that relies on resistance and counter-resistance to build strength and tone muscles. In fact, Vergara put the results of her Lagree workouts on full display when she married husband Joe Manganiello at The Breakers in a strapless, sweetheart gown—a signature style for the Colombia-born screen siren.

The bad news? Obtaining Vergara’s wonder-bod will take a lot of sweat and some sore muscles. The good news? You’ll have fun, and you’ll feel and look better than ever. Better still: As of mid-February, brides-to-be (and fitness buffs in general) in Boca Raton will have a chance to try it out when Core Evolution, the Palm Beach Gardens Lagree Fitness studio, opens its second location, a 1,400-square-foot studio inside The Mark at Cityscape. The newest location will be home to 12 new Megaformer machines and will offer private and group classes taught by the studio’s owner, Marina Perrone, and her team of certified instructors.

“I love the Lagree method because it makes you push yourself; not only physically, but mentally, as well,” says Perrone. “You will see your strengths, and also your weaknesses. But in time, you will see that every part of you will improve and that you only become stronger. Because the workout embraces so many aspects of physical fitness, from lengthening and toning to cardio and endurance, the strength that you gain will help you improve in all aspects of your life, whether that be other workouts, sports, or even just how you feel on an everyday basis.”

Want to know how it works? We snagged a few minutes with Perrone for a fast breakdown of some of the method’s body-sculpting moves, and we’re sharing three here to give you a sneak peek (plus which style of dress will best show off your efforts):


Something New Blog: Core Evolution is Coming to Boca | Weddings Illustrated

Targeted muscles: “This exercise works your abdominals, triceps, shoulders, and lats,” says Perrone.

How it works: “For this exercise, you want to think table-top position. Get your body in a plank position first. Once there, bend your knees, drawing them up and toward your arms. Here’s the catch: While moving your legs, you must keep your body up (hips in line with shoulders).”

The results: “This position constantly works the core while giving those arms a sizzle! Your upper body is doing a lot of work to hold you up!”

Say “yes” to this dress: “Ballgown,” says Perrone. “This dress is all about the upper body and torso. This exercise will slim the waist and work those arms to look their best in a ballgown dress.”


Something New Blog: Core Evolution is Coming to Boca | Weddings Illustrated

Targeted muscles: “This exercise works your obliques, abdominals, triceps, shoulders, and lats,” says Perrone.

How it works: We are on the back end of the Machine, placing our hands on the back handlebars, and our feet left foot in front of right (for the left oblique), or the opposite for the right oblique,” Perrone explains. “Once there, we must keep our feet flat and our legs straight. This will keep all the tension in our oblique muscle. As you send the carriage out, your hips should drop. To draw the carriage back in, use your breath, exhale, and pull up. Your core is what draws that carriage to a close.” 

The results: “Sexy abs for days!”

Say “yes” to this dress: “Trumpet,” says Perrone. “Make your fit-and-flare dress even more impressive with a rocking hard core!”


Something New Blog: Core Evolution is Coming to Boca | Weddings Illustrated

Targeted muscles: “This exercise works your obliques, abdominals, triceps, shoulders, lats, and glutes,” Perrone says. “Great combo, right?”

How it works: “With one knee kneeling on the carriage and the other with the black strap placed around the arch of your foot, we want to grasp the back of the carriage and stabilize ourselves. Once stable, press your foot toward the front of the room,” Perrone says. “It’s extremely important to make sure we are involving our core here. We do so by not letting our hips lean out and toward the side. We must maintain a hip-over-knee position on the carriage and keep our body square to the back of the room.”

The results: “Everything will be burning and shaking,” Perrone cautions. “From the upper body holding you up, to the core trying to stabilize you on the carriage, down to the glute pressing your leg toward the front of the room.”

Say “yes” to this dress: “All dress types!” says Perrone. “This exercise truly works every square inch of your body.”

Want to give it a try? Head over to Core Evolution’s website to learn more. And stay tuned, as Core Evolution is set to open yet another new studio, in Wellington, in early summer.

Core Evolution Palm Beach Gardens

4777 PGA Boulevard

 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

Core Evolution Boca Raton (Opening second week of February)

9 Plaza Real South Suite 119

Boca Raton, FL 33432

Core Evolution Wellington 

(Opening Early Summer 2016)






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