Emily Reisinger and Cory Franklin


Emily Reisinger avoided Cory Franklin’s phone calls in high school.

“I always thought, ‘He’s too shy, it wouldn’t work,’” she recalls. “Whenever I would say something to him in class, his whole face would turn rosy red.”

Two years after they met, he still hadn’t given up on her, so she finally gave him a chance. When he let her choose a cheesy romantic movie for their first date, Emily knew he was a keeper.

In March 2010, Emily and Cory celebrated six years of dating by vacationing to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. One night, after a romantic evening out, they came back to the hotel to relax. They sat on the balcony eating chocolate cake in their pajamas before climbing into a hammock to enjoy the full moon.

“I love you,” Cory told her. “I love our family. I love our life together.” As he continued to confess his love, she could feel him squirming and shifting. Then he pulled out the ring.  Before he could say anything else, she excitedly blurted out a string of questions about the ring and proposal. A few moments later he was finally able to ask, “Emily, will you marry me?”

When it came to the wedding planning process, Emily was a little nervous. Because she liked so many different things, she wasn’t sure how all her ideas would come together.

“I wanted vintage but modern,” she says. “That doesn’t go together at all, but I knew I wanted it. And I knew I wanted turquoise and fuchsia.”

Emily wanted to keep the wedding as small as possible, and she wanted to incorporate a few do-it-yourself elements.

Photography: Vadim Photo / Ceremony: Christ the King Catholic Church Chapel / Reception: Maestro’s at the / David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts / Planner (day of): Jamie Duffe Morton, Swank Shindigs / Cake: Publix / Floral and Design: Revel Design Company / Gown: La France / Invitations: Etsy

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