Expert Linen Advice: Pablo Oliveira

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Pablo Oliveira, president of Nuage Designs in Miami, has been in the luxury linen industry for more than a decade. He founded Pablo OliveiraNuage to provide event professionals with distinctive and contemporary luxury linen options. With Oliveira at the helm, the company’s linen collections and event decor have been featured at some of the country’s most exclusive events and venues. Below, Oliveira shares his expertise on linen and furniture rentals.

WI: You’ve been in the rental industry since 2003. How has it changed over the years?

OLIVEIRA: The Internet has helped shape the industry quite a bit by making visuals and inspiration readily available. Today, especially with Pinterest, the client is doing a lot more homework in terms of what looks and feel they want for their event. Clients are demanding more in terms of what’s available and the level of customization. Also, trends are coming and going at a much faster pace.

Why should couples invest in luxury linens?
It’s an investment that pays off. The linens help make the room. The philosophy of the past was to invest in very extravagant centerpieces and to use plain linens. Nowadays, the trend is to create an environment, as opposed to just having centerpieces. Linens are a very important decor element because they’re going to dress the tables and the room. A lot of the designers start the design process by picking the textiles and accessorizing from there.

How far ahead should couples book their rentals?

Purple and pink Palm Beach inspired decor featuring Nuage Designs linens | Photo: M. Benedicte Verley Photography


If the bride and groom are specific about what they want, the earlier the better. This way, the availability of products is guaranteed, and it allows time to custom-make items, if applicable. I recommend at least three months in advance.

How should couples prepare for rental appointments?
They should come prepared with some sort of a color palette. Clients often bring their Pinterest boards, and that’s usually very helpful. They should also have an idea of what story they want to tell. The other thing is the budget and how the linens will fit into the overall event design.

What trends are you seeing with linens?
Clients are more daring in terms of using bold patterns. They’re using more glitz—sequins are very in—and a lot of mixing of modern with vintage. Basically, there’s a very eclectic trend going on right now.

Navy and chartreuse wedding decor inspiration using Nuage Designs linens | Photo: Matt Horton, The Artist Group

What are some unique ways to incorporate furniture into a wedding reception?
Furniture has been a huge trend, and it can be incorporated in the form of lounges by the dance floor, cocktail areas or seating for dining. It adds a new element to the room and creates an intimate environment where people can gather. Furniture also creates a more interesting and versatile space. For example, instead of having a formal sit-down dinner, you can have a cocktail party.

Do you have any recommendations on how to personalize reception lounges?
We often monogram pillows. We’ve done custom bar fronts where we’ve printed images on acrylic to display a photo that’s provided by the bride. We have also used personal items to accent lounges.

If you could give one piece of advice to brides and grooms, what would it be?
I would tell them to not be afraid of mixing different styles and different elements in the room. One of the things I usually suggest—and the thing people usually hesitate at—is to mix linens. There was a time that an event would consist of one type of linen, but I’m all for combining different styles because it makes things more dynamic.

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