Fashion Find: Palm Beach’s Via Capri, 34

Via Capri, 34 Sandals

Sandals are a way of life here in sunny Florida, so we were excited when word of Via Capri, 34 starting spreading around our offices. The company, owned by husband and wife Francesco Pasta and Jessica Aleman, opened on Worth Avenue in October 2015 and makes custom sandals in the traditional style of Capri. Pasta, who was born and raised in Italy, learned the craft in 2001 on the island of Capri, where shoe- and sandal-making is still very much a revered trade and tradition.

Each pair of Via Capri, 34 sandals is made with genuine Italian leather soles and can be adorned with the buyer’s choice of different leathers, Swarovski crystals, snake skin, precious metals, and more. (Head to Via Capri, 34’s Facebook page to see more photos of their adorable designs.) We love them for an ultra-personalized bridesmaids’ gift—or for the bride herself, if she’s getting married on the beach or simply wants a comfy pair of sandals to slip into for the reception—especially considering that each pair is finished with the wearer’s engraved initials.

The best part? Bridal parties can make the sandal-buying process a special occasion with a trip to the label’s store—it’s located on Via DeMario on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach—or by having Via Capri, 34 set up shop at a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or other pre-wedding gathering. Visit Via Capri, 34 on Facebook, on the Web, or in person at 323 Worth Avenue (Via DeMario), Palm Beach.  

Via Capri, 34 Sandals

Images courtesy of Via Capri, 34

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