Finding Meaning

Take it from someone who looks at weddings all day: details can be overwhelming. The easiest way to narrow down your choices, however, is to find meaning.

Look at table numbers, for example. They’ve evolved from a literal sense to an imaginative way for couples to add significance to an otherwise insignificant decor element.

Here are a few of my favorite ideas from some of our recent real weddings. I hope they inspire you to see all the possibilities for your wedding details.

1. Melissa Teichman and Viet Ho

Table numbers with special tidbits about the bride and groom. So cute! | Photo: Justin DeMutiis Photography

For their Tampa Museum of Art wedding, Melissa and Viet related table numbers to fun facts about their lives. Table one was “The number of seconds for Melissa to say ‘Yes’ after Viet proposed in Vernazza, Italy.”

2. Joanne McDermid and Edward Offenbach

Table names | Photo: KT Merry

London couple Joanne and Edward had a tough time choosing a locale for their destination wedding. They would settle on a city, inform guests, and plans would change. For their Soho Beach House wedding, table numbers were named after these locales as an inside joke. Appropriately, the happy couple sat at table Miami.

3. Georgia Strong and Willard Lyles II

VIntage travel theme centerpiece idea: flowers, camera and favorite destinations as table numbers | Photo: Brooke Images

A well-traveled couple, Georgia and Willard named their table after places they visited together. Near each table number was a vintage postcard that explained the city’s significance to the couple’s relationship.

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