Finding Your Floral Personality

According to Botanica International Design‘s Ian Prosser, an internationally renowned florist with a client list that includes Queen Elizabeth, a bride’s floral style greatly depends on her clothing style.

“You can tell a lot about a woman by the way she dresses,” Prosser says, “especially in evening wear.” The colors, fabrics, and designs a bride is drawn to are very telling when it comes to floral designs that will appear in her wedding, and these choices generally fall into the following five floral “personalities.”

From left to right, the five main floral personalities are dramatic, natural, romantic, artistic, and traditional.

Photo: Bri Cibene Photography

“Romantics tend to wear clothing with movement,” Prosser says. Brides with this personality type gravitate towards lace and softer colors – as well as softer flowers. Voluminous peonies in blush pink, delicate Queen Anne’s lace, pastel hydrangeas, and tender garden roses are just a few of the typical floral choices for the bride who envisions a dreamy fairy tale wedding.

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“Traditional brides wear simpler pieces that aren’t covered in lace,” Prosser says. “Box pleats, and so on.” They typically dress in traditional, heavy colors like burgundy, deep blue, and red, and avoid the frilly details that romantics love so much. In terms of flowers, traditional brides are attracted to time-honored standards like roses.

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In a word, Prosser describes the style of natural brides as “granola.” These are the brides who are attracted to the organic beauty of the outdoors – women who prefer loose, comfortable clothing edging on a relaxed, hippie style. Their flower choices lean towards bouquets that are loose and unconstructed, and brides who gather field flowers for their big day are often this type.

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“Artistic brides tend to wear some flowy, unusual piece of clothing,” Prosser says. Their love for asymmetrical hems and unique details translates into their floral choices through dynamic lines and unusual blooms presented in a more sculptural way. This is the bride most likely to include non-traditional plants like succulents in their floral choices.

Photo: Limelight Photography

According to Prosser, dramatic brides often wear black clothing with bold splashes of color and oversized jewelry. Their floral choices are equally eye-catching, tending towards blooms with bold leaves and bright colors. Orchids, lilies, and other tropical flowers are the most likely selections for a dramatic bride.

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