Five Easy Jobs for the Mother of the Bride

Your bridesmaids will be on hand throughout the wedding planning process for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and dress fittings, but there’s still one more special lady who’s bound to want to help make sure that everything runs smoothly right up to the minute you say “I do”—your mom.

Five Easy Jobs for the Mother of the Bride, Photo by Paper Antler | Weddings Illustrated

Photo by Paper Antler

While your venue coordinators and wedding planners will likely have most of the details sorted out for your big day, there are a few easy tasks you can delegate to your mom, both during the planning process and on the day of, that will prove super helpful without requiring heavy lifting on her part. After all, your wedding day is a special day she deserves to enjoy, too. Read on for five easy jobs your mom will be thrilled to do.

Make pet-sitting arrangements
If you’re a pet parent and plan to jet away on your honeymoon directly after your wedding—or you just want someone to look after your fur babies during your wedding weekend—ask your mom to help research local pet-care providers and book one for whatever duration you need. Better yet? If you live in the same town, ask Mom to stop by each day while you’re out of town.

Make a morning-of run for snacks and Champagne
The day of your wedding, have your mom make a run to a nearby grocery store or gourmet market to pick up several bottles of bubbly, OJ, and any other morning-cocktail mixers you want, plus easy-to-eat snacks that won’t make a mess on your dress. (Think crackers and cheese and sliced fruit.) Just be sure she pours one for herself and has some snacks while you and your bridesmadis get ready.

Assemble welcome bags
If you plan to provide welcome bags to your weekend guests, plan a girls’ night in with your mom at home or your hotel and assemble them. Order some Thai takeout or pizzas and pop in a movie to make the night complete.

Round up weather-related accessories like umbrellas and wraps
Florida weather can be fickle, and it pays to be prepared. Ask Mom to procure pretty umbrellas, cozy pashminas, and comfy flip-flops for your guests. To cross one more thing off your to-do list, have her deliver them to your venue so that your wedding coordinators can arrange them in baskets, buckets, and bins.

Pen a pretty card to your soon-to-be mother in law
Weddings bring big changes not only for you and your Mr. or Mrs. to be, but also your families. A warm, hand-written note from your mom to your soon-to-be mother in law will lay the groundwork for a fun-filled day spent celebrating your growing brood.

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