Five Non-Traditional Cakes You’ll Want to Serve at Your Reception

Weddings are steeped in romantic traditions, but we think they’re also the perfect opportunity to show off your personality. One of the best and most fun ways to combine the two? Serving an unexpected wedding cake. Traditional tiered wedding cakes are still going strong as the wedding dessert of choice, but you can add other kinds of cakes to the mix—or swap one in entirely—depending on your venue, reception time, theme, or simply your preference. The day is all about you, after all.

Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes | Weddings Illustrated

Photos by Sylvie Gil Photography and Spanglish Studios

Here are five atypical cakes that will look pretty on a pedestal, whether standing front and center at your reception or offered among a variety of sweet treats. Either way, your guests with smile with every slice.


Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes: Waffle Cake | Weddings Illustrated

Photo by Carly M Photography

We think this stack of breakfast staples would be perfect served up at a casual brunch wedding. Just don’t forget the mimosas!

Cheese Wheels

Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes: Cheese Wheel Cake | Weddings Illustrated

Photo by Sylvie Gil Photography

If you plan to have a cocktail hour, consider setting out a cake made with several wheels of cheese—the perfect complement to a glass of wine or bubbly. Bonus? It’s an easy DIY treat!


Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes: Crepe Cake | Weddings Illustrated

Photo by Spanglish Studios

These delicate French pastries are so light and fluffy, and they’re made doubly decadent with layers of pillowy fruit frosting smeared in between each layer. Bon appétit!

Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes: Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake | Weddings Illustrated

Image via Big Girls Small Kitchen

It’s difficult to imagine a more nostalgic dessert than a warm, homemade chocolate chip cookie. Give your guests those same warm fuzzies by adding a cake made out of giant cookies to your dessert table. Just add chilled milk!


Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes: Pancakes Cake | Weddings Illustrated

Photo by Jessica Lorren Photography

Thicker and more cake-like than their French cousin, the crepe, pancakes are a hearty breakfast favorite that would be right at home on a dessert table, sprinkled with powdered sugar and dripping in sweet maple syrup. Fresh, hot coffee and a.m.-appropriate cocktails required.


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