Four Fun Ways to Surprise Your Groom

Often, guys take a back seat when it comes to who gets the most attention on a couple’s wedding day. After all, he’s got the bride’s gorgeous gown, twinkling jewels, and elegant up ‘do to compete with. But the day is just as much his as it is yours, and there are plenty of fun ways to remind him how much you care. We’re sharing a few of our favorites that’ll help make it a day he won’t soon forget.

Hire a Cigar Roller and Set Up Lawn Games at Your Reception: Four Fun Ways to Surprise Your Guy, Florida Weddings

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Hire a cigar roller. Enjoying a cigar together is one of the most popular celebratory acts among guys, and if ever an occasion called for one, this is it. So, surprise your guy by hiring a professional to roll cigars on site during your reception. Not only will the guys enjoy partaking on the patio, but they’ll also get a thrill out of watching a pro wrap and prepare their celebratory stogies. Check out: World Famous Cigar Bar, JC The Cuban Roller, and On-Site Cigars

Arrange a beer tasting. Or whiskey, or wine—basically, whatever he’s into. You can DIY or bring in an expert, but the bottom line is, set aside some time during your wedding weekend—before or after the rehearsal dinner, for example—when he can get together with his best guys and taste different local microbrews, full-bodied reds, or smoky scotches. He’ll learn a little something in the process, and he’ll love you for it. Here’s a list of 10 top Florida breweries to help get you started.

Sneak lawn games into your reception. Some of his favorite bonding moments with the boys have no doubt happened over a game of darts or billiards at the bar, and catch or corn hole on the frat house lawn. Surprise him by setting up some games—think corn hole, bocce, and croquet—on your reception venue’s lawn or beach. Before long, everyone will be joining in. (P.S.—want to earn some bonus brownie points? Go custom.)

Hire a stylish getaway car. Cliché, maybe, but true—lots of guys just can’t resist a gorgeous set of wheels. At the end of the evening, treat your groom to a getaway in a pristine vintage car, stopping for a drink or ice cream à deux somewhere in town before heading to your hotel. The more eyes on you and your ride, the better. Not sure where to rent a stylish ride? Head right this way.

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