Hair Affair: Q&A with Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach’s Bridgette Hill

Your hair is the exclamation point to your entire bridal look. And no one knows wedding style like Bridgette Hill, salon image specialist at Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach.Bridgette Hill - Weddings Illustrated

Hill (pictured right), who began her career at the renowned Garren New York salon and whose work has been featured in campaigns for Dove and Victoria’s Secret, as well as in People, Elle and Marie Claire magazines, says her goal is “to understand the bride’s vision to ensure her personality and style are reflected in every aspect of her wedding day beauty.

Here, she offers tips and tricks for heavenly bridal hair.

WEDDINGS ILLUSTRATED: What are some of the big bridal hair trends you’re seeing right now?

HILL: Ironically, the trend of the moment is not to have a “bridal hair” look. Instead, fashion and red carpet looks are setting hair trends. Brides are looking for their hair to be more stylized and complement their complete look.

What tips do you have for coordinating the hair with the dress?

Select a hairstyle that is complementary to your face shape and the neckline of the dress. Think of your face as an image to be framed. The hair, accessories and neckline of the dress frame the image. They should exist in harmony to showcase the bride’s beauty.

What types of dresses work best with an updo?

A general rule is that if there is no skin being exposed from neck to shoulder, an updo is a must.

What types of dresses work best for brides who want to wear their hair down?

I find linear and fitted dresses are stunning when brides wear their hair down. I am also a believer that if the dress is simple—it has no lace or beading—the hair should be worn down as well.

Any style suggestions for brides with short hair?

Keep it simple. Skip the texture and fullness—think sleek and clean. I love short hair slicked back off the face. Also, off-centered side parts with swooped bangs along the hairline are very elegant and create beautiful symmetry for the short-haired bride.

A sleek updo would be perfect for red carpet or the aisle.How can brides change their look from the ceremony to the reception?

Removing the veil and adding a vintage accessory to the hair is one of my favorite tricks without going through major efforts. On the other hand, I am open to a bride who does a complete hair change by letting her hair down or pinning it up after the ceremony.

How can destination or venue inform the hairstyle a bride chooses?

The venue sets the tone for the bride’s look. The hair must not contradict the setting, strictly from a visual perspective. A traditional, formal bride should not be considering twists or braided looks. It is the responsibility of the stylist to guide the bride in a direction that first and foremost complements her face and then the environmental factors/concerns.*

For example, at Four Seasons Palm Beach, we attract brides that are inspired by our beach. The more classic bride would opt for looks that reflect beach glamour: classic, sleek pin curls; polished chignons; or vintage waves. A free-spirited bohemian bride might request textured, loose, tousled updos and messy braids.

How can brides combat the Florida humidity?

All brides getting married in South Florida should have their hair preset with rollers or curls, even if it is being pinned up. I recommend an intense moisture treatment series weekly for six weeks prior to the wedding.

How many consultations should a bride have with her stylist prior to the wedding?

One three-hour practice session gives the stylist and the bride time to play around with various looks and decide on a general direction. I suggest another session two weeks prior to the ceremony, when all the accessories have been selected, to finalize the look with hair, accessories, hairpiece and veil to ensure the bride is picture perfect.

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**Bridgette Hill’s Q&A was featured in the Fall/Winter 2014 issue of Weddings Illustrated. For a copy of the magazine, please click here.

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