How to Live Stream Your Wedding

If you ask Mariana Mosli and her husband Khaled what they wanted most in a wedding venue, they’ll tell you live-camera capabilities.

Khaled’s family is from Saudi Arabia, and his mother was the only family member who was able to attend the couple’s wedding. When the event coordinator at Mixon in the Grove shared with the couple the location’s live streaming features, they instantly agreed on the venue.

“We wanted his family to be able to share the experience and watch the wedding virtually,” said Mosli.

With the increase in digital technology, many couples are turning to live stream venues and services. Family members who cannot attend these events can now log on, watch the wedding live and in some cases even Tweet about the event.

Weddings Illustrated How To Live Stream Your Wedding

Here are 5 ways to live stream your wedding:

Through a venue

Locations such as Mixon in the Grove and the Marco Island Marriott have live stream capabilities and software. The streams are completely private and run through the venue’s website.

Web-based services

Marry Me Live and I Do Stream are two popular wedding live stream platforms. Marry Me Live has a network of videographers across the country who are well versed in the company’s software. With I Do Stream, you can use a network of videographers, rent equipment, or use your own gear. Their support staff will walk you through setup as well as monitor your feed.

Video sharing websites

YouTube allows you to broadcast video through a webcam and WiFi connection. Or you can choose to stream HD video from your smart phone with UStream’s Broadcaster app.

Video chat applications

If you’re trying to include just one person, Skype is a great free option. You can also purchase their premium service that allows chats with up to 10 people. Google+ Hangout is another group chat option that allows you to choose who you want to “hang out” with on your special day.

iPhone FaceTime

Using your iPhone and a WiFi connection, you can call anyone with an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac. However, this method limits the number of people you can share your wedding with.

With all of these options, it is extremely important to test out your stream ahead of time. Check the quality of the sound, video and Internet connection. Make the testing environment identical to your wedding environment to avoid last minute glitches. To prevent crashes and lags, check your bandwidth capabilities and see who else has access to the connection.

Despite some technical difficulties, Mosli says live streaming her wedding was well worth it.

“What’s better than allowing family and friends who can’t make it to the wedding to be able to share the wedding experience” she asked.

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