“I Do” How To: Create the Ultimate Wedding Welcome Bag

Your loved ones have made the journey (in some cases, a long one) to witness your wedding. And while you and your groom are ultimately the guests of honor, it’s important to acknowledge—and give thanks for—everyone’s time and effort. How better than with a welcome bag filled to the brim with goodies that will help ensure an enjoyable wedding weekend?

Create the Ultimate Wedding Welcome Bag | Weddings Illustrated

From only-in-Florida edibles to beach-ready accessories, there are no limits when it comes to showering your guests with fun and useful gifts. Here are a few key components to keep in mind when putting yours together. And don’t forget—customize to your heart’s content!

Create the Ultimate Wedding Welcome Bag | Weddings Illustrated

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Reusable Bag: Opt for a sturdy tote in cotton or canvas that’ll come in handy at the grocery store, the farmers’ market, or the gym once your guests get back home.

A Map: Help your guests get the lay of the land by including a map with the weekend’s important venues clearly marked. Tip: You can grab a stack from your local chamber of commerce and highlight the venues yourself, or, if you’re feeling ambitious, sketch your own and make a color copy for every guest.

The Agenda: Help everyone stay on schedule by providing a list of the weekend’s events, from the welcome cocktail reception, to the rehearsal dinner, to the morning-after brunch.

Warm-Weather Essentials: It stays sunny in Florida all year long, so make sure everyone’s armed with ample SPF. Toss in his-and-her flip-flops in fun, tropical prints, and some inexpensive drugstore sunnies for guests who might have forgotten theirs at home.

Local Brew or Wine: One of the most fun things to do in a new destination is to sample food and drink that can only be found there. Slip a bottle of locally made wine or a couple of cans of Florida-brewed beer into your guests’ bag to help them unwind upon their arrival. (Check out a list of top-rated Sunshine State breweries here.)

Florida-Specific Snacks: Saltwater taffy is not only tasty, but it travels well, too, which is perfect for guests’ plane (and car) rides home. Bonus: It usually comes in a bright, fun box. Coconut Patties will satisfy the chocolate-lovers in your circle of friends. And, of course, you won’t find fresher oranges anywhere.

Hangover Help: Hey, it happens. Offer some Rx for guests who get a little too carried away at the open bar. Ibuprofen, Emergen-C, bottled water, and some sweet and salty snacks should do the trick.

A Note of Thanks: Make it warm and welcoming, just like you and your grateful groom!

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