Inspiration Board: Ombré

Anyone who stays on top of beauty trends will tell you that ombré hair has had its 15 minutes, but when it comes to weddings, we love the depth and dimension it gives to decor. A centerpiece comprising all pale-pink flowers, for instance, is beautiful enough on its own, but add blooms in bright cotton candy and fuchsia hues and it all but pops right off the table. (Don’t believe us? See the bundle of blooms below.)

Inspiration Board: Ombré | Weddings Illustrated

Images via Popsugar (left) and Chris Cornwell Photography

There are countless ways to get creative with ombré, from a cake covered in a gradient of pink macarons, to an aisle comprising flower petals that fade from one pastel shade to the next. You can even sneak a little ombré into your attire, with a faded layer that peeks out from beneath a sheer skirt. Here are eight ways we’re loving the ombré look.

Inspiration Board: Ombré | Weddings Illustrated

Image Sources

Gown: Max Dworkin

Cake: Nadine van der Wielen Photography

Place Card Display: Birds of a Feather

Aisle: Archetype Studio

Dresses: This Modern Romance

Invites: Mikkel Paige Photography

Cookies: Jodi Miller Photography

Chairs: Nicole Lennox

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