Lauren Nohe and Dardan Tigani

Washington D.C. couple Lauren Nohe and Dardan Tigani met at Starbucks while studying for college exams. Without any available tables, the two ended up crammed next to each other at the bar. Lauren was busy trying to study for an evidence-based practice final, and Dardan was busy trying to pick her up.

After Lauren noticed the absence of a wedding ring, Dardan succeeded.

Lauren’s engagement story: “Because we’d been together for more than three years, we designed and got the ring together and knew an engagement was happening. It was a little more practical, not to mention that engagements don’t happen the same way in Kosovo!”

On Friday night, Dardan told Lauren, “Get your nails done. I will propose by the end of the weekend.” So Lauren anticipated and bought some steak. After Lauren came home from work on Sunday, time was running out and Dardan proposed during a run on the golf course. “Then we ate steak,” says Lauren.

Photography: Cody and Tiff of Hunter Ryan Photo

Location: downtown Sarasota and Lido Key Beach (“We just escaped a huge downpour of rain right before we started the shoot,” says Tiff. “Typical Florida summer!”)

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