Let Them Eat Cake

As a dessert fanatic, I never really understood the concept of choosing just one wedding cake. How could you possibly please all 200 guests with one flavor of cake and frosting?

Naturally, I was ecstatic when the idea of different flavored tiers came along, but it appears the wedding world has done one better: multiple wedding cakes. Now, you can have cakes of all shapes, sizes, designs and flavors at your reception.

Some ideas for a cake table include:

  • Utilize the same theme or color scheme for each cake
  • Unstack a classic tiered cake and display on separate stands
  • Surround one main cake with displays of cut pieces
  • Serve both round and square cakes
  • Decorate each cake differently
  • Give each cake a special topper

Photo: June Bug Company

Photo: The Caketress Blog

Photo: KT Merry

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