Liz Tully and Will Covington


Liz Tully and Will Covington’s modern beach affair at One Ocean Resort & Spa was designed around their wedding guests.

It was also one of the many reasons why they picked the Atlantic Beach venue. “We thought our wedding guests would feel like they were on vacation and not have to worry about anything for the weekend,” says Liz.

For the theme, Liz and Will “wanted something different, a little edgy and modern, but beachy and beautiful.” They decided on a color scheme of charcoal gray and multiple shades of purple. “We rented a boardwalk for the beach where the wedding party could easily walk which led to a rustic twig arbor adorned with purple and white flowers,” says Liz.

How the bride and groom met: “We both went to Georgia Tech and met at a mutual friend’s fraternity party. The most memorable meeting was when we were both waiting in line for football tickets. My friend and I got bored and spotted a shopping cart in the nearby horizon. I jumped in and my friend began pushing me down the street. Will thought I was ‘irresistibly cute’ in that moment and came up to talk to me again.

We never dated in college and only saw each other out and about until four years after graduation when I received a message from Will on Facebook. He asked if I had remembered him, mentioned my ‘shopping cart’ incident and asked if he could call me. We talked on the phone the week of Valentine’s Day in 2008. He sweetly invited me to dinner sometime in the near future. Not wanting to look desperate because I had no plans for Valentine’s Day, I suggested the day before the holiday. He smoothly then suggested Valentine’s Day instead and I obliged!

It was the best (and last) first date! We closed the restaurant down after hours of laughter and talking. I remember leaving and passing an alleyway where there were candles lit and roses everywhere. Someone was about to get engaged. I turned to him and said, ‘Proposing already?’ Three and a half years later we were married! And we even have our first written conversation from Facebook.”

How Will proposed: “I decided to go back to school for nursing and we were on our summer break in August. Will and I decided to take a trip to New York City, where I used to live and he had never been. I took him to my most favorite place in the city, Central Park. We began walking around and were enjoying all of the excitement when we came to the Boat House. Will quickly spotted canoe rentals and suggested we go for a ride.

We hopped on our boat and were in the middle of the lake when he suddenly appeared very nervous. He began saying very sweet and beautiful words to me. Right then I thought to myself, ‘Oh my goodness! I think he’s going to propose!’ So I decided to help in the process and exchange sweet words back. Before I knew it, Will was down on one knee in our canoe and asked me to marry him. Immediately the floodgates opened and I began crying and said, ‘YES!’ People rowing by our boat started clapped and congratulated us.

After we came back to land, we had celebratory champagne and purchased a watercolor painting from a street vendor at the very spot that we became engaged. It was one of the most special moments of our lives!”

“Our wedding day was absolutely perfect,” says Liz. “We couldn’t be happier with choosing One Ocean Resort & Spa as our wedding location. Our guests truly felt relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of the resort as well as Beaches Town Center and all it had to offer. It was just amazing… Our guests still talk about the hotel and the wedding to this day.”

Photography: J’adore Studios / Venue: One Ocean Resort & Spa / Planner: Sarah Seibers with One Ocean Resort & Spa / Floral: Parkers Events / Branch Arbor: The Gray Horse / Gown: Lee-Ann Belter at Kelly’s Closet / Bridesmaid dresses: Alvina Valenta / Hair and makeup: Kell Kath and Makeup by Paulina Perez / Entertainment: Crescent Moon Talent / Invitations: Fine Stationery / Save-the-dates: Wedding Paper Divas / Ceremony and cocktail hour music: Wehner Weddings

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