Looking Perfect on the Big Day

A bride’s glow comes from within—but the right makeup doesn’t hurt, either.

In a conversation with Yannick Lemaire, Chanel’s French International Makeup Artist, Weddings Illustrated gets top advice for looking perfect in the spotlight.

yannick lemaire

Brides are always told to keep their wedding-day look natural and pretty. Do you agree?

I agree! With the pureness of a wedding dress, simplicity and luminosity are key for this magical day. A bride’s makeup should be a tribute to her natural beauty.

What colors should brides stay away from

Your wedding day isn’t the time to wear provocative or flashy colors. Pastel shades and a bit of dark makeup to make the eyes stand out are more than enough. An important tip: consider using long-lasting and waterproof formulas in case of emotional moments.






With regards to bronzers/self-tanners, what are your cardinal rules

I love to add touches of sun-kissed color if the wedding is taking place in the spring or summer. I tend to stay away from bronzers during the winter because they can appear gray in the dimmer lighting. In winter, you can use a bit of pink blush to warm the skin.

What product do you love for covering up little flaws

Chanel Éclat Lumière is my favorite choice. It instantly reduces any shadows or flaws on the skin. The hydrating, supple texture works on all skin types and illuminating pigments create a flattering optical effect on the skin surface.

How can a bride keep her look fresh

http://cdn.trustedpartner.com/images/library/WeddingsIllustrated2010/News%20&%20Blogs/Spa%20&%20Beauty/DSC_0023.gif· Start by prepping the skin. Use a light scrub, a mask and a hydrating moisturizer. Exfoliating and moisturizing will prepare the skin for a flawless makeup application and a long-lasting result.

· Cult favorite Le Blanc de Chanel creates an incredible halo effect on the face when blended with foundation.

· Don’t forget the “safety kit”: pressed powder, lipstick/gloss, blush and Q-tips. Pictures will be taken of you constantly and maintaining a perfect complexion is  key.



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