Open Bridal Shower Gifts At Home?


This week’s question: I never liked the gift-opening process at bridal showers. Now I’m hosting my own and don’t want to subject my guests to this monotonous ritual. Can I open my presents at home, instead?

If you’re a bride-to-be who shirks from being the center of attention, consider this: What enjoyment will guests get if you open their gifts at home The whole point of a bridal shower is for your friends and family to see their presents and your enthusiasm when you open them!

If you truly feel uncomfortable, ask the hostess to keep the guest list small. Also, there’s no rule that says you have to open everything at once. Open gifts in two sessions—pause for small bites and refreshments, then resume.

Most importantly, remember that these guests are here for one purpose: to celebrate you. Enjoy their company and embrace the event with enthusiasm.

Ask your hostess to make notes of all the guests and their gifts. Follow up by sending everyone a personalized “Thank You” card for their thoughtful gesture.

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