Refreshing Reception Cooler Ideas

The versatility of an outdoor wedding reception allows for many creative and unique additions.

One of the latest trends we’re seeing is the use of interesting props to display and serve drinks. These props, ranging from bird baths to galvanized tubs, add to the overall atmosphere while providing cold refreshments. And as any event planner knows, presentation is just as important as taste.

Beat the heat at your outdoor reception with a frozen infused chiller or a converted canoe cooler.


Photo: Blogspot

This barrel was cut in half and converted into a rustic chic wine cooler. A floral arrangement atop a simple linen completes the design.

Bird Bath

Refreshing Reception Cooler Ideas: birdbath

Photo: Brides

Bottles of rose were chilled in this stone bird bath for a post-ceremony toast.


Refreshing Reception Cooler Ideas: boat or canoe

Photo: Pinterest

As a nod to a nautical or beach wedding theme, consider converting a canoe into an oversized drink cooler.


Refreshing Reception Cooler Ideas: a trough | Photo: Shell de Mar Photography

Photo: Shell de Mar Photography

For this wedding, the couple served drinks on top of ice piled into a trough.

Frozen Chiller

Refreshing Reception Cooler Ideas: frozen infused chiller

Photo: Weddings Illustrated

This frozen wine chiller was infused with cranberries and rosemary, but other herbs and flowers can be used to complement your wedding decor.

Galvanized Tub

Refreshing Reception Cooler Ideas: galvanized tub | Photo: Sharon De La O

Photo: Sharon De La O

For a simple backyard affair, use a variety of galvanized tubs to label and display your drink options.

Modified Picnic Table

Refreshing Reception Cooler Ideas: modified picnic table

Photo: Pinterest

The middle plank in this picnic table was removed and replaced with a rain gutter.

Vintage Bath Tub

Refreshing Reception Cooler Ideas: vintage wash tub or clawed bath tub

Photo: Alixann Loosle Photography

For a vintage celebration, try repurposing an old wash tub or clawed bath tub.


Refreshing Reception Cooler Ideas: wagon

Photo: Pinterest

This distressed wagon was converted into a nostalgic and fun drink cooler.


Refreshing Reception Cooler Ideas: wheelbarrow

Photo: Indulgy

Another great cooler on wheels idea: the wheelbarrow. Decorate it with flowers or a banner for a personal touch.

Truck Bed

Refreshing Reception Cooler Ideas: truck bed

Photo: Pinterest

Bring in a vintage truck and put the spacious bed to good use. It’s perfect for a country or Southern affair.


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