Serene Hideaway: the Maldives

Dispersed over 35,000 square miles of remote azure serenity between the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, the Maldives merge castaway fantasy with haute paradisiacal reality. Peaks of a vast submarine mountain range rise to the surface as uninhabited palm-fringed, coral-clad islets, painted with rainbows of marine life. At the crossroads of these 1,190 islands, it’s often possible to “walk on water,” traversing the shallow, sandy patches below the Indian Ocean to reach an all-encompassing immersion of water and sky. Day and night, sunlight and moonlight alternate in their illumination of the great wide blue, forming an ever-changing kaleidoscope of aqua.

Island Dreaming: the Maldives, hidden atoll
Ultimately separating the islands, submarine precipices double as reef walls, unveiling an awe-inspiring dimension of marine diversity and richness leading to the open ocean, where spinner dolphins frolic in the mysterious depths. Back on the small stretches of land, high-end resorts have colonized nearly 90 separate islands, often with great distances in between, allowing each luxe colony to produce upscale, interpretive versions of the Robinson Crusoe castaway experience. Ranging from the hectic large-scale resort transplants to more personal, exclusive overwater bungalow enclaves, high-end brands have tweaked their slice of romantic paradise to suit all tastes of the discerning honeymoon palate.


The intimate ingenuity of the 33 overwater suites at Cocoa Island ( epitomizes the Maldives experience as intended—deliciously simple yet grand, breathtaking, serene and unforgettable.

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