Stress Test: What Wedding Guests Worry About

What Your Wedding Guests Are Stressing About | Weddings Illustrated: Something New Blog

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We all know how stressful wedding planning can be, but brides and grooms aren’t the only ones who feel a little anxiety around the occasion. Turns out, guests get stressed, too. Ebates, the cash-back shopping site, recently conducted a wedding survey to learn what male and female wedding guests get stressed about, and a couple of the answers might surprise you. Here are the top five stressors for male and female guests:


  1. Seeing people I dislike – 31%
  2. Spending too much money—29%
  3. Finding the right outfit—27%
  4. Finding the right gift—24%
  5. Losing weight—21%


  1. Finding the right outfit – 44%
  2. Losing weight—28%
  3. Spending too much money—28%
  4. Seeing people I dislike—27%
  5. Finding the right gift—24%

The survey revealed that, when it comes to gifts, men will spend more on the weddings they attend this year than will the ladies. While a majority of women (55 percent) plan to spend $25-$100 on wedding gifts, the majority of men (45 percent) will spend between $50-$250. But that doesn’t mean the ladies are holding back on their BFF brides. Ebates insiders say it might just be because women are shopping smarter for wedding gifts—think coupons and cash-back rewards.

One more thing to add to your to-do list? Compliment your guests’ outfits and thank them for all of the effort they put into attending your wedding. Their stress will melt away.

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