Temp Tux

The biggest bother about black tie weddings? Renting an ill-fitting suit or tux you can’t wait to return. But thanks to online retailer, The Black Tux, you can rent premium, designer duds that are delivered directly to your door.

Witnessing the excessive effort his groomsmen went through to rent formal wear for his 2011 wedding, Andrew Blackmon and his longtime friend Patrick Coyne, founded The Black Tux in 2013 to offer men a customized, and more customer-friendly, rental alternative.

Andrew Blackmon

Photo: Andrew Blackmon

Patrick Coyne

Photo: Patrick Coyne

Here’s how it works: Start by picking a style you like (options range from ready-to-wear ensembles to “build-it-yourself” creations), then enter your exact measurements. If you don’t know what they are, there’s a video that will walk you through the measuring process or you can speak directly with a Fit Specialist.

You will receive your tuxedo a week ahead of the event, so you have enough time to make sure it fits properly. If it doesn’t, you’ll receive a new size within 48 hours. If only a few minor adjustments are needed, like moving a button or lengthening/shortening a hem, take the clothing to your local tailor and the company will extend a $15 credit.

The Black Tux

Photo: The Black Tux

Once you bid your guests a final au revoir, pack up your tuxedo—including any shoes, ties, dress shirts or accessories you may have also rented—and mail it back with the prepaid return label. Easy peasy.

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