Picture Perfect: 10 Wedding Photos That Are Winning Our Hearts

In life, we only get one chance to make a first impression, and photographers only get one chance to capture the most special moments from their clients’ wedding day. And not only capture them, but with a sense of style that couples will love and cherish long after the wedding is over.

Wedding photos that will make you want to book your photographer right now | Weddings Illustrated (photo by Amalie Orrange Photography)

Photo by Amalie Orrange Photography

From classic black and white, to artful images that emphasize scale, to scenes that wouldn’t have been possible without perfect timing, we’re sharing 10 pictures taken by Florida wedding photographers that will have their brides and grooms living happily ever after.

Groomsmen with dog, Justin DeMutiis Photography | Weddings Illustrated

Photo: Justin DeMutiis Photography (Tampa) / Venue: Intercontinental Buckhead Atlanta

Timing is everything when it comes to photography, and Tampa photographer Justin DeMutiis was in the right place at the right time to capture this cute pup breaking formation—and hamming for the camera.

Minimalist photo of bride and groom against large wall, photo by Amalie Orrange Photography | Weddings Illustrated

Photo: Amalie Orrange Photography (Orlando) / Ceremony: St. James Catholic Church / Reception: The Citrus Club

Wedding photographers seems to be taking a more artful approach to their clients’ celebrations, and we can’t get enough of it. Exhibit A: This photo by Amalie Orrange, which makes a bride and groom look absolutely tiny, and adorable, against a towering wall.

Groom waiting for his bride at the altar, photo by Hunter Ryan Photography | Weddings Illustrated

Photo: Hunter Ryan Photo (Naples) / Venue: Trinity by the Cove Episcopal Church

Brides’ and grooms’ nerves are known to act up on their wedding day, which can make it hard to remember every precious moment. We love that Naples photographers Hunter Ryan Photo captured this smiling groom awaiting his bride at the altar, just in case the moment was a blur for her.

Bride and groom recessional through trees, photo by Michelle March | Weddings Illustrated

Photo: Michelle March (Miami) / Venue: Cherry Basket Farm (Michigan)

We’re suckers for a good recessional shot. After all, it could symbolizes a couple’s journey into the future as Mr. and Mrs. Miami photographer Michelle March snapped this bride and groom in the prettiest possible light, making their exit among breezy, knee-high grass and, of course, staring into each other’s eyes.

Bride and groom together at sweetheart table, photo by Sunglow Photography | Weddings Illustrated

Photo: Sunglow Photography (Lakeland) / Venue: Museum of Fine Arts (St. Petersburg)

Some of the sweetest wedding moments are those stolen between a bride and groom in the midst of the madness (and celebrating!). Sunglow Photography snapped this smitten couple relishing a romantic moment as their guests celebrated and socialized before them.

Bride and groom in rowboat by blue ocean, Kallima Photography | Weddings Illustrated

Photo: Kallima Photography (West Palm Beach) / Venue: Pierre’s Lounge & Restaurant

A gorgeous ceremony or reception setting can lend itself to a wealth of fabulous photos. Kallima Photography capitalized on the oceanfront location of Pierre’s Lounge & Restaurant on Morada Bay—and a perfectly placed rowboat—to have a little fun with this cute couple, for whom married life is but a dream.

Ivory and gold wedding cake, photo by Jonathan Connolly | Weddings Illustrated

Photo: Jonathan Connolly Photography (North Lauderdale) / Venue: The Breakers Palm Beach

Some photographers have a knack for treating every component of a couple’s wedding as if it were a precious, artful object. Case in point: This dramatic and breathtaking photo of a gold-and-ivory cake at The Breakers, captured by Jonathan Connolly Photography.

Pink ruffled wedding dress, Becca Borge Photography | Weddings Illustrated

Photo: Becca Borge Photography (Davie) / Venue: W South Beach

Ah, the all-important bridal gown. Much of a couple’s wedding day, from the décor to the dress code, can revolve around whatever gown the bride decides to wear. For that reason, we love a photo, like this one by Becca Borge, that can turn a bride’s dress from a mere frock into a piece of fashion art to be treasured over time.

Bride and groom first look, Lauren Kinsey Fine Art Photography | Weddings Illustrated

Photo: Lauren Kinsey (Santa Rosa Beach) / Venue: Private home in Rosemary Beach

Is there any moment of a wedding more filled with suspense than a first look? We don’t think so. In fact, we can practically feel it oozing from this photo by Lauren Kinsey, which is sure to give the bride and groom giggles for years to come.

Bride and groom kissing amid sparklers, Shea Christine Photography | Weddings Illustrated

Photo: Shea Christine Photography (West Palm Beach) / Venue: The Cooper Estate

It’s hard to think of anything more romantic than a send-off comprising a sweet kiss beneath a sea of twinkling sparklers, and Shea Christine Photography captured this one perfectly—in timeless black and white to boot.


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