The Tropics, Perfected: the Seychelles

Sandwiched between East Africa and the Maldives, the 115 islands that form Africa’s smallest nation, the Seychelles, are a contrasting mix of low-lying coralline islets and the world’s only high-rising, midoceanic granite islands. Separated from the former supercontinent of Gondwana more than 75 million years ago, the granitic Seychelles is a Darwinian dreamland, blessed with fascinating endemic flora and fauna species that have evolved in isolation across the lush archipelago.

Exotic Castaway: the Seychelles

Dotting the emerald coastlines of Mahé Island, a handful of luxurious resorts so perfectly capture the country’s quintessential juxtaposition of mountainous backdrops, mind-boggling boulders, and crystalline waters. Chic amenities undoubtedly enhance the inspirational panoramas, like the private infinity pool behind each treehouse villa at the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles ( or the hillside spa pavilions at the Banyan Tree Seychelles (

Exotic Castaway: the Seychelles, poolside dining at the Four Seasons

Travelers who have experienced “The Baths” of Virgin Gorda and found themselves enchanted by the petite cavernous overlay of smooth rock, palm trees and white sands will achieve nirvana in the Seychelles’ ubiquitous equivalent. The natural mazes often lead to deserted banks of turquoise brilliance, sinfully romantic and splendidly private. Complemented by sensational marine life and eclectic cuisine, Africa’s oceanic tropical utopia lives up to its legendary reputation.

Exotic Castaway: the Seychelles, treehouse villas at The Four Seasons


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