Top 10 Wedding Cake Questions

   Wedding cakes speak volumes about the bride and groom and their personalities, both as individuals and as a couple. It’s important to find the right flavors and designs. Richard Gregory, the manager of Party Flavors Custom Cakes in Orlando, shares the most important questions you should consider before your cake appointment.


When should I start looking for a cake decorator
Generally you should begin shopping around six-12 months out.
When should I book my cake
Workloads vary from bakery to bakery depending on their demand and staff. Popular bakeries usually require that all cakes are booked minimum three to six months out.
Do I need to make an appointment
Definitely. Popular and award-winning bakeries see dozens of appointments weekly and allow each appointment an hour on average.
What should I bring to the appointment
It is helpful to have made your venue, color and floral decisions prior to your meeting. Additionally, any element from your event that you feel we can draw inspiration from is great to bring as well. Pictures of your dress, venue, your invitations or design motif… a monogram, color swatches… a piece of wrapping paper that catches your eye… It can all be helpful.
Everyone doesn’t eat cake. How much cake should I get
A lot depends on when the cake is to be served. If you are serving cake as the last course to a dinner, then I suggest that couples have enough cake to feed all guests. If cake is to be served toward the end of the reception, for example, after the bouquet toss, then less cake might be needed. I always ask couples, “What if everyone wants cake”
How much will it cost
Costs can vary based on design, tiers and intricacy. Many of the cakes that you see on the popular TV shows run into the thousands of dollars due to their size. A beautiful cake does not have to be expensive; some of the most stunning cakes are simple in design.

What is the difference between fondant and buttercream
Fondant is a sugar dough that is rolled out and placed on a cake, like a blanket. There is an increasing trend for all buttercream cakes with fondant accents. Buttercream cakes do require a higher skill level from decorators in order to achieve a smooth finish.
What about rhinestones, brooches, etc. on my cake
The “bling” trend shows no signs of slowing down. Remember that all these elements need to be removed at time of service and most cake contracts will place this responsibility on the bride and groom.

Why should I have my cake delivered
Don’t bypass this important service in order to keep costs down. Leave this to the professionals.
I want a tall cake. Can I do fake tiers
Fake tiers are a way to create a tall cake. Depending on design, the savings can be minimal since most of the hours on a cake are spent decorating versus baking.

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