Unique Non-Floral Boutonniere Ideas

Many times, with all that Florida heat and lack of water, the boutonniere wilts before the reception. A non-floral boutonniere is long-lasting and can be kept as a keepsake.

And if brides are jumping on the non-floral bandwagon then certainly grooms can follow suit.

From a baseball rose to mini guitar, we present 15 unique non-floral boutonniere ideas for every type of groom.

Baseball Rose

Unique Non-Floral Boutonniere Ideas: baseball rose | Photo: Connection Photography

Photo: Connection Photography

If you don’t want to sacrifice the elegant look of a boutonniere, a rose made out of his favorite sports ball is a great option.

Beer Cap

Unique Non-Floral Boutonniere Ideas: beer cap

Photo: Wedding Bee

If your groomsmen are beer connoisseurs, consider decorating each boutonniere with each person’s preferred beer cap.

Bow Tie

Unique Non-Floral Boutonniere Ideas: bow tie

Photo: Pinterest

Here’s a fresh take on the bow tie: use it as an accent to a bright handkerchief.

Camera Lens

Unique Non-Floral Boutonniere Ideas: camera lens

Photo: Sweet Violet Bride

This camera lens boutonniere is the perfect accessory for a husband-to-be with a great eye.

Mini Darts

Unique Non-Floral Boutonniere Ideas: mini darts

Photo: Blogspot

Hit the bulls-eye with a mini darts-inspired boutonniere. Mark targets on important numbers (such as your wedding date) for special significance.

Fishing Lure

Unique Non-Floral Boutonniere Ideas: fishing lure

Photo: Wedding Bee

As a nod to the groom’s love for fly fishing, a decorative lure was used in place of a boutonniere.

Golf Tee

Unique Non-Floral Boutonniere Ideas: golf tee and hops

Photo: Etsy

If you look closely, you’ll spot the golf tee behind the cluster of hops. This boutonniere combination is ideal for a man who loves golf and beer.


Unique Non-Floral Boutonniere Ideas: mini guitar and picks

Musicians can rejoice with this Fritts Rose Now boutonniere with mini guitar and picks. An alternative idea is to get custom printed guitar picks for the groomsmen.


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