Wedding Fitness Advice: Jessica Alier

There’s a lot of pressure to look your absolute best on your wedding day. Although there aren’t any overnight solutions, with the right attitude and knowledge, you’ll be on your way to looking lean and fit.

Jessica Alier is the owner of Pure Barre Miami, a total body workout routine that combines ballet, pilates and weight training.

Alier has taught, competed, and performed all around the U.S. and internationally. Some of her most cherished experiences include performing at the MTV Video Music awards, dancing for the Orlando Magic, appearing in choreographed music videos and live concert performances.

Below, Alier shares with us her expertise.

Should all brides consider adding fitness routines to their wedding planning Why or why not

Starting a fitness routine should fall in the Top 5 of your to do list! With all the stresses involved in planning your wedding, getting fit to look your best shouldn’t be one. Exercise will help you manage your stress and will make you look and feel amazing for your wedding.

Wedding Fitness Advice: Jessica Alier via Weddings IllustratedWhat is the ideal time to begin getting fit for the big day

As soon as you set your wedding date, get to it! The longer you push off starting a fitness routine the harder it will be to reach your goals. Plus, this will be time specifically set aside to focus on you.

Realistically, how much can a person’s body change in that time frame

It can be done! Set goals for yourself that are realistic and timely. If you stick to your goals you will be amazed as to how quickly you could change your body.

What type of exercise or workouts would you recommend for best results

It depends on what results you are looking to achieve. If you want to burn off some calories, tone and create long lean muscles, then a workout like Pure Barre would do the trick.

How do you suggest brides stay motivated and on top of their workout schedule

Pick a fitness routine that you enjoy! If you find a workout that does wonders for your body and you love doing it, you will stay motivated and stick with the routine.

Diet vs. Exercise: Which is more important

Both are equally important. Exercise can help you shed the pounds and tone your muscles, but sticking to a healthy diet will help keep you energized and feeling good.

Wedding Fitness Advice: Jessica Alier via Weddings IllustratedWhat are some super foods that you would recommend a bride eat while training

Drink lots of water! For energy before your work out eat bananas, apples, pineapple, grapes, oatmeal, or almonds. A great meal after your work out is a spinach salad.

What is the biggest mistake(s) brides make when it comes to diet and exercise

Not being disciplined is a big mistake when it comes to dieting and exercise. Commit yourself to a fitness routine and don’t get discouraged. With dieting, don’t deprive yourself or make excuses to cheat. It’s easy to lose focus and want to give up, but think about why you started.

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