Wedding Food Bars

Food bars are changing the way meals are presented and served at weddings, and the new craze makes sense.

No two people are alike, which means that no two palates are alike. Creating food stations or bars gives guests a way to customize your menu choices to their tastes. It’s a way to cater to every kind of eater – those who don’t like too much sauce or those who prefer a little more garlic.

The use of stations will also get guests out of their seats, perfect for mingling and conversing. After all, what better way to bring people together than with a mashed potato bar Now there’s some food for thought.

Bruschetta Bar

Bruschetta wedding food bar | Photo: Anne Marie Photography

Photo: Anne Marie Photography

A bruschetta bar allows guests to control their servings of certain ingredients, and it’s a great way to encourage new combinations. Try adding goat cheese, pistachios and dried apricots to your station.

Coffee Bar

Coffee wedding food bar

Photo: Wedding Star

A coffee bar at your reception will give your guests much-needed sustenance to dance the night away, and it’s equally great for chilly nights. For a special touch, provide heart-shaped sugar cubes or rock candy stirring sticks.

Cupcake Bar

Cupcake wedding food bar

Photo: Storkie

Cupcake bars are becoming popular storefronts, so it makes sense that the idea is cropping up in weddings too. With different cake, frosting and topping options, the possibilities are endless.

Flatbread Bar

Flatbread wedding food bar | Photo: Clayton Austin

Photo: Clayton Austin

Sometimes it’s hard to agree on flatbread or pizza toppings. The solution Let guests choose their own toppings while a professional mans the brick oven. You can even provide gluten-free crust and vegetarian options for those with dietary restrictions.

Fruit Pizza Bar

Fruit pizza food bar | Photo: Jenna Rammell

Photo: Jenna Rammell

Speaking of pizza, here’s a delicious and somewhat healthier version. So you’re not a fan of blueberries, you say Not a problem.

Mashed Potato Bar

Mashed potato wedding food bar | Photo: Kristen Gardner

Photo: Kristen Gardner

Mashed potatoes in martini glasses – genius! It’s an elegant way to serve this comforting side, and the addition of colorful toppings (green onions, bacon, etc.), will make the glasses look almost too good to eat.

Float and Milkshake Bar

Milkshake and float bar

Photo: P is for Party

A float and milkshake bar would make a great addition to a 1940s-inspired celebration. This particular bar’s ingredients include different flavors of ice cream, vanilla and chocolate milk, berries and fun toppings such as nuts and sprinkles.

Mimosa Bar

Mimosa wedding food bar

Photo: On To Baby

Consider a mimosa bar for a morning wedding or a closing brunch. You can provide options with juices, fruits and rock candy swirling sticks.

Pancake Bar

Pancake wedding food bar | Photo: Sarah Yates Photography

Photo: Sarah Yates Photography

For this particular wedding, the couple’s first date was over a meal of pancakes, so naturally, they celebrated with a pancake bar. If you look closely, you can see that each pancake was labeled with their initials using powdered sugar.

Pasta Bar

Pasta food bar | Photo: Tonya Staab

Photo: Tonya Staab

If you have picky eaters on your hands, consider a pasta bar. There won’t be any fuss over the types of pasta, sauces or toppings.

Popcorn Bar

Popcorn wedding food bar

Photo: Project Wedding

The directions on the sign say it all: snatch, scoop, spritz, sprinkle, shake and savor.  

S’Mores Bar

S'mores wedding food bar | Photo: Mirabelle Creations

Photo: Mirabelle Creations

For this party, the hostess made her own flavored marshmallows: vanilla, raspberry and coconut. Needless to say, guests’ creations got pretty creative.

Strawberry Shortcake Bar

Strawberry shortcake wedding food bar

Photo: Celebrations

The list of ingredients from this strawberry shortcake food station will have you drooling: strawberries, mini chocolate chips, sliced almonds, chocolate fudge sauce, toasted coconut, fresh pineapple chunks and whipped cream.

Taco Bar

Taco wedding food bar | Photo: Rex and Regina

Photo: Rex and Regina

Who doesn’t love a good taco bar To appeal to all guests, provide a variety of shells (hard, soft, whole wheat, gluten-free, etc.) as well as vegetarian options.

Veggie Bar

Veggie wedding food bar | Photo: Serena Grace

Photo: Serena Grace

Healthy eaters will rejoice over a bright and attractive fruit and veggie spread that includes watermelon and caprese salads as well as yogurt parfait shots.

Other Ideas:

  • Nacho bar
  • Trail mix bar
  • Ceviche bar
  • Burger bar
  • Gelato, ice cream, sno cone or frozen yogurt bar
  • Waffle, donut or biscuit bar
  • Children’s food bar
  • Bloody Mary bar
  • Sushi bar
  • French fry bar

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