WildeFlower Boutique opens in Lake Worth



LAKE WORTH—When long-time wedding coordinator and event planner Shannon Maher was planning her own wedding, she noticed that there weren’t too many options for a free-spirited indie bride.

“I knew I wanted something a bit outside of the same traditional bridal box that I’d seen throughout my career, as well as a dress to fit my personal style,” Maher said. “And recognizing an industry shift towards more intimate and often non-traditional weddings, I realized there were other brides out there that shared my feelings, taste and aesthetic.”

Now Maher has launched WildeFlower Boutique to help meet the needs of these unique brides. Located in Lake Worth’s Social House, the showroom offers brides a collection of ethereal and vintage-inspired gowns from four of the world’s most sought-after indie bridal designers; Belle and Bunty, Houghton, Kite and Butterfly and Truvelle. The boutique only carries a selection of samples from each, but can usually order any gown from their collection with advance notice.

Brides can make private appointments at the showroom or in-home appointments. Maher said that the boutique will also have pop-up shops throughout the year all over South Florida.

Along with a unique selection of bridal gowns, WildeFlower offers the full range of wedding services. Their planning team will tackle everything from pre wedding activities and travel arrangements, to day-of itinerary development and management and vendor relations.

To find out more about WildeFlower Boutique’s bridal collection and services, visit www.WildeFlowerBoutique.com . To visit the boutique’s Social House showroom at 512 Lucerne Avenue in Lake Worth, FL, contact owner Shannon Maher at Shannon@WildeFlowerBoutique.com to make an appointment.

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